August 17, 2011

Housing and Jobs Are Intertwined in a Death Spiral

Calculated Risk, Calculated Risk

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TAGGED: Unemployment, Housing


House flipping’s status as an aspirational American pastime took some hits during the recession but, like disco or SUVs, it has never gone extinct. On the contrary, it is back with a vengeance. Cable TV shows glorify expert... more »
September 28, 2012
Whither Housing Prices?
Ironman, Political Calculations
U.S. housing prices are being stabilized by one of the main factors that enabled the formation of the bubble in U.S. real estate markets in the first place: the Fed's policies of holding interest rates below the levels that... more »
October 8, 2012
Ready or Not, Homebuilders Back
Karen Weise, BloombergBusinessweek
October 10, 2012
Why the Housing Crash Is Far From Over
Keith Jurow, Global Economic