September 11, 2011

How Gibson Guitar Went Tea Party

Andy Meek, The Daily Beast

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A few minutes before President Obama strode to the lectern Thursday night for his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress, conservative pundit and Tea Party firebrand Dana Loesch used her Twitter account to take note of a Tennessee congresswoman's plus-one for the address.

"Love that Marsha Blackburn invited Henry Juszkiewicz," Loesch excitedly told her more than 22,000 followers, referring to the Nashville Republican's guest, who's the CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp.

The invite was a definite nose-thumbing at the president, whose administration inadvertently helped turn Gibson, currently under investigation for the kind of wood it uses, into a rabble-rousing battle cry for the Tea Party and conservative media establishment.

The strange journey of the...

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