January 26, 2012

An Intern Goes To Davos

Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker

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Today we have a guest post from my friend Haley Amber Feinberg, Chief Executive Intern at The Business Insider, who's been sent to Davos for the first time to cover the World Economic Forum. 

Haley is between email addresses as her .nyu account is currently migrating to Gmail (she graduated last week) so please forward any inquiries to me and I'll pass them on.

Here's Haley on her first two days at Davos, enjoy! - JB


DAvOs, sWiTZErLanD: OMG I'm at Davos!  I've arrived finally after the worst flight EVAH!  No just kidding, I watched like a million movies on the plane and slept a lot.  But the hassle of transportation between the airport and the resort was totes crazy.  There was like a bus.  My...

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