RealClearMarkets Evening Edition

World's Richest Man on Fixing the Global Economy - Kerry Dolan, Forbes
9 Scary Quotes You Should Feel Good About - Morgan Housel, Fool
3 Stocks Bucking the Earnings Slowdown - Jack Hough, SmartMoney
We're Piling Up Debt Again--Is That a Good Thing? - Jen Parker, CNBC
Real Cost of Living? $150,000 Minimum - Yuval Rosenberg, Fiscal Times
Are Alternative Investments Right for You? - Robert Powell, MarketWatch
Expensive Is the New Cheap (for Buying Stocks) - Paul La Monica, CNN
Goldman's Dubious Deals: Is This 'God's Work'? - Matthew Philips, BW
Private Creditors 1, Greek Taxpayers 0 - Nouriel Roubini, Financial Times
Ambition = Success = Happiness? Not Quite. - Anne Fisher, Fortune

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

The Stock Selloff Is just Getting Started - Anthony Mirhaydari, MSN Money
Is This Another Typical Market Pullback? - Andrew Nyquist, Minyanville
Where the Top Managers Are Putting Your Money - Karen Hube, Barron's
The Middle East Is a Hotbed of Investments - Ziad Abdelnour, Investors
Apple's Vast Margins Are Ephemeral - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Lehman Is Back! Is the Financial Crisis Over? - Antony Currie, Reuters
5 Financial Reforms That Would Prevent Crises - Richard Salsman, Forbes
High and Low Predictions for Friday's Jobs Report - Matthew Philips, BW
Here's How to Get a Job at Facebook - Miguel Helft & Jessi Hempel, Fortune
Misled By Myths About Moonlighting In America - Peter Orszag, Bloomberg
Curse of the Nacissistic Chief Executive - Steven Davidoff, New York Times
Obama Proposes Tripling Dividend Tax Rate - Alex Brill & Alan Viard, RCM
Don't Resent the Rich; Simply Fix the Tax Code - Robert Shiller, Bloomberg
After 3 Years, We're Hooked on Free Money - Matthew Lynn, MarketWatch
Foreclosure Fix About Low Expectations - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

RealClearMarkets Early Morning Edition

Greed, Capitalism and Mitt Romney - John Stossel, Fox News
CEOs Push Hard For Corporate Tax Cuts - Michelle Hirsch, Fiscal Times
Active Funds Have Time on Their Side - Lubos Pastor, Bloomberg
The Battle Over Money Funds - Thomas Cooley & Kim Schoenholtz, Reuters

RealClearMarkets Off The Street

A Secular Bull Inside a Bigger Bear? - Jeffrey Carter, Points and Figures
Jobs: What the Next 'Big Number' Really Means - Jeff Macke, Yahoo
When to Sell Apple Shares? Maybe Now - Frank Byrt, MSN Money
Why Every Small Business Needs an iPad - Laurie Kulikowski, TheStreet
What to Sell if Capital Gains Rate Jumps to 15% - Karen Hube, Barron's
Greg Mankiw's Contorted Defense of Mitt Romney - Baseline Scenario
Austrian Economics vs Modern Monetary Theory - John Carney, NetNet
Does Active Portfolio Management Work? Prove It - Above The Market
Your Misguided Search For A Money Guru - Carl Richards, Bucks
Another Round Of Cheat The Prophet - Jason Zweig, Total Return
4 Ways To Deal With The Market Pullback - Ivan Hoff, Ivanhoff Capital
Bernanke Needs More Tigger, Less Eeyore - Bloomberg

RealClearMarkets Research Reports

The Evolution of the Economy, Credit and Policy - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
The Federal Reserve Is Now Flying Blind - Axel Merk, Merk Investments
Europe: Viva La France? - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust Advisors
The Troubled Primary Mortgage Market - Bill Berliner, Asset Securitization