March 11, 2012

Inside the E-Book Price-Fixing Case

Suzanne McGee, The Fiscal Times

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So, you’ve just finished watching Scarlett Johansson in the film version of “Girl with a Pearl Earring," and decide that you want to read the book by Tracey Chevalier on which it was based. You log on to and discover that while you can order a paperback copy for $10.20, downloading the book onto your Kindle – which means you only own the right to read it, not the book itself; you can’t lend it, give it away or resell it when you’re done – will cost you $12.99. How, you wonder, can you end up paying more for less? Then you spot the small print – “This price was set by the publisher."

The Justice Department also has been paying attention to that small print, it seems.

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