RealClearMarkets Evening Edition

The Dirty Dozen: What Could Sink Stocks - Doug Kass,
The Nobody Knows Anything Market - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
Are You Confused About Stocks? You're Not Alone! - A Dash of Insight
Great Earnings, But Investors Have Other Worries - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Capitalism Is Dead. Credit Is the New King - Chris Oliver, MarketWatch
A Century of Disaster and a Century of Reform - Alex Planes, Motley Fool
Bush Tax Cut Armageddon--A Savior in Disguise? - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Should We Mandate Debt Forgiveness? - Robert Skidelsky, Project Syndicate
Not Exactly a Miracle, But Debt Is Down - Floyd Norris, New York Times
Argentina's Oil Raid Can Only End Badly - John Gapper, Financial Times
Why New College Grads Should Aim High - Anne Fisher, Fortune

RealClearMarkets Morning Edition

Why Student Loan Debt Could Smother Growth - Jonathan Laing, Barron's
Gen O Discovers Washington's Debt Bomb - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCM
The U.S. Barrels Toward a Fiscal Cliff - Anthony Mirhaydari, MSN Money
Representation Sans Taxation, Yet No Outrage? - Richard Salsman, Forbes
Will the U.S. Avoid a 2012 Recession? Postscript - Gary Shilling, Bloomberg
The 3 Ways "Old Money" Maintains Its Riches - James Rickards, U.S. News
Sorry, Government Doesn't Create Jobs - John Stossel, Washington Times
Stocks Are Cheap? Basic Logic Says Otherwise - Brett Arends, SmartMoney
A Day In the Life Of An Investment Banker - Melanie Danko, BusinessWeek
Dodd-Frank's OFR: An Affront to Privacy - Hester Peirce, RealClearMarkets
SEC Beware, Money Funds a Stability Risk - Squam Lake Group, Bloomberg
How Banks Easily Evade the Volcker Rule - Jesse Eisinger, New York Times
Is China Blowing a Transportation Bubble? - Sam Staley, RealClearMarkets
Obama Takes Us Back to '36 In 2012 - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Prez Fights Straw Man In Oil Speculator War? - Jordan Weissman, Atlantic

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Are Dividend Stocks Getting Expensive? - Steven Russolillo, MarketBeat
Confused About Stocks? You're Not Alone - Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight
What The Heck Is JP Morgan's Whaledemort Doing? - DealBreaker
The Only Alternative To European Austerity - Angus, Kids Prefer Cheese
The World's Most Resource Rich Countries - Various, 24/7 Wall Street
Another Day, Another Obama Witch Hunt - David Harsanyi, Reason
Our Health Demands Obamacare's Repeal - Louis Woodhill, Unconventional

RealClearMarkets Research Reports

Sell In May? 9 Trillion Reasons to Say NO! - David Kotok, Cumberland Adv.
Similar Markets Lean Bullish Long-Term - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital
Buffett Confuses "Earning Affluent" with Millonaires - Jeff Troll, Pinnacle
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