January 30, 2013

Outsourcing, Insourcing & Automation

Bruce Bartlett, Economix

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January 20, 2013
Robots Worse for Economy Than You Think
Martin Ford, The Fiscal Times
As jobs and incomes are relentlessly automated away, the bulk of consumers will lack the income necessary to drive the demand that is critical to economic growth. more »
January 24, 2013
Robot Makers Spread Global Gospel of Automation
John Markoff, NYT
The robot equipment industry has one word for the alarmist articles and television news programs that predict a robot is about to steal your job: Fiddlesticks! more »
January 20, 2013
Should You Outsource Your Own Job to China?
David Futrelle, TIME
I’m hardly the only American worker who has spent precious moments of work time in the last few days fantasizing about outsourcing his or her own job. If you take a few moments to look at the comments appearing on the... more »
January 27, 2013
Government Spending Is Not Out of Control
Bruce Bartlett, Fiscal Times
It is a standard talking point of Republicans and deficit hawks of all political stripes that federal spending is out of control; that major surgery is needed, especially on entitlement programs such as Social Security and... more »