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Tuesday, April 21
We Could Be Wrong, And Our Performance Could Suffer - David Einhorn
Jeff Gundlach's Grim Warning For Junk - Barbara Kollmeyer, MarketWatch
6 Stocks to Buy and Hold For the Next Three Years - Jack Hough, Barron's
It's Time to Stop Reducing Taxes On the Wealthy - Rodrique/Sawhill, RCM
Redistribute Jordan Spieth's Wealth, Let Him Keep It - John Tamny, RCM
Hillary Clinton and the 1 Percenters - Kevin Williamson, National Review
A Growing Split On the Right About Taxes - Albert Hunt, Investor's Business
Comcast & Time Warner: Too Slow to Fail - Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Forbes
First Class Is Dying: Why All Fliers Should Care - Christopher Elliott, USAT
What Profs Don't Teach About Gov't Controls - Chris Resler, Libertennial
Monetary Policy Staggers Global Growth - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
These Robots Serve Up the Cocktails - Timothy Aeppel & Alistair Barr, WSJ
Why I Started a Financial Services Firm For Pot - David Dinenberg, CNBC
Trolling for Trolls, Securing Capitalism's Future - David Oppenheimer, WS
The TPP Won't Work Without Strong Currency Reform - Scott Paul, RCM
'Fast Track' Turns Parties Inside Out - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
China Has More Mega-Cities than You Thought - Flavia Jackson, Bloomberg
Monday, April 20
To Outperform The Stock Market, Go Green - Brian Potts, Weekly Standard
Green Lexus Lefties Wage War on Poor - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
Where Investors May Look When Oil Recovers? - James Stafford, OilPrice
What You Really Own In Foreign Funds - James Juliano, Reading the World
Why Aged Investors Don't Trust the Stock Market - Gregory Bresiger, NYP
The Retirement Withdrawal Strategy to Use - Robert Powell, MarketWatch
Are 'Hot' Investors Prepared To Be Cold? - Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal
How Hillary Clinton Can Be An Economic Populist - John Nichols, Nation
The Power of Moore's Law, Even at 50 - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Beach Boys, Wrecking Crew and Education's Folly - John Tamny, Forbes
Regulatory Relief For Banks That Rarely Fail - Gretchen Morgenson, NYT
Why Can't We Fix Chief Executive Pay? - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker
5 Years On, Gundlach's DoubleLine Thrives - Lawrence Delevingne, CNBC
The Inside Story Of The NBC News Civil War - Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair
Vote to Kill Death Tax Deserves Applause - Editorial, Investor's Business
Tax Code Has IRS Understaffed, Not a Tight Budget - Wayne Brough, RCM
Sunday, April 19
Has the Fed Already Lost the Next Recession? - Brian Pretti, Zero Hedge
Should Mutual Funds Be Made Illegal? - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
Google's Steely Foe in Europe - Natasha Singer & James Kanter, NY Times
Are U.S. Patents Being Rubberstamped? - Brianna Ehley, The Fiscal Times
The Machines Are Coming for Everyone's Jobs - Zeynep Tufekci, NYT
Etsy IPO: The Market's Six-Figure Entrepreneurs - Kate Rogers, CNBC
Hidden Problems in Etsy's Feel-Good IPO - Michael Brush, Fiscal Times
Should Parched California Stop Growing Almonds? - Eric Holthaus, Slate
Draghi Says Europe is Ready for Grexit - A. Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Love K-Cups? You're Killing the Coffee Business - Dan Mitchell, Time
Saturday, April 18
Why Americans Don't Want To Soak The Rich - Neil Irwin, New York Times
My Easy Challenge to Hillary: Mimic John F. Kennedy - Larry Kudlow, NR
Hillary's Middle Class Obsession Hurts Workers - Elizabeth Bruenig, TNR
Economic Understanding Gained With Lots Of Fun - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
Panama Canal's 7-Decade Expansion Ends In 2016 - David Morris, Fortune
Market Risks Abound, But No Correction - Yet - Thomas Kee, MarketWatch
What Lumber Prices Tell Us About Stock Market - John Waggoner, USAT
Federal Reserve and Uncle Sam Ruined GE Capital - Steve Forbes, Forbes
The Economy Has Peaked Because Fed Already Tightened - Greg Ip, WSJ
Why Genius Co-founders Turned to Couples Therapy - Laura Holson, NYT
Fannie & Freddie Revive 'Affordable' Housing - Elizabeth MacDonald, Fox
Bill de Blasio Hits Iowa To Talk Economics - Steven Malanga, City Journal
To Fight the Drought, L.A. Needs Rain Revolution - Cynthia Barnett, WSJ
Mark Bertolini's Preventive Disruption - Katzenbach, Anderson, Kleiner,S+B
Friday, April 17
The Common Interest Begs Finance Reform - Paul Volcker, Washington Post
Financial Crisis Regulators Find New Careers - Tom Huddleston, Fortune
Wall Street's '07 Heroes Are Again Ascendant - Michael Moore, Bloomberg
Only Socialists Know the Downside to Socialist Money - Jeff Snider, RCM
The Fed's John Williams: Rates are Overrated - Binyamin Appelbaum, NYT
Avoid Being Consumed By Massive Equity Collapse - Michael Pento, CNBC
For Universities, Rich Get Richer Faster - Melissa Korn, Wall Street Journal
B-School Professor Studies World's Worst Airline - John Paul Rollert, TNR
Robert Reich's Myth of Non-Working Rich - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
The Antics of China's Gaudiest Billionaire - Frederik Balfour, Bloomberg
Greek Default Threat: Bluster or Bombshell? - Anthony Mirhaydari, TFT
The ACA Has Made 4/15 Even More Miserable for Poor - Jon Hartley, NR
Wall Street Embraces Obamacare Denialism - Jonathan Chait, New York
Looking $70K Min. Wage Gift Horse In The Mouth - Dave Maney, Medium
Clinton's Housing Policy Wrecked Economy, Not 1% - Editorial, Investor's
Ebbers, Lay & Madoff: A Gallery Of Rogue Homes - Katy McLaughlin, WSJ
Thursday, April 16
Let's Fight Back Against the Bubble In Bubble Talk - Justin Fox, Bloomberg
Why David Rosenberg Is Telling Investors to Chill - Jonathan Ratner, NP
China Finally Stops Fighting the Stock Market - Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific
Want a Boom, Let Rich Keep Their Money - Furchgott-Roth, MarketWatch
It's Time to Finally Dump the Death Tax - Stephen Moore, National Review
Repeal Of the Estate Tax Is a Penalty On the 99% - Editorial, USA Today
Moore's Law Well Surpassed Moore's Expectations - Bret Swanson, RCM
One Of America's Worst Exports Is Hurting Google - Wayne Crews, Forbes
A Late Start On Retirement Is Costly - Anne Tergesen, Wall Street Journal
Why We So Inherently Distrust Annuities - Stan Haithcock, MarketWatch
Why Do So Many Ex-NFL Players Go Bankrupt? - Daniel Roberts, Fortune
Is the U.S. Economic Slowdown Cause for Panic? - Mark Zandi, TheStreet
Top Earners Pay Taxes So the Lowest Don't Have To - Editorial, Investor's
How Welfare Recipients Actually Spend Money - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Chris Christie Addresses the Retirement Elephant - Scott Beaulier, RCM
Hostility To Rubio Tax Plan Reveals Dated GOP - James Pethokoukis, Week
Wednesday, April 15
Lower the Death Tax Into a Deep Grave - Uhler, Martin & Ferrara, Investor's
How Republicans Hope To Make the Rich Richer - Erika Eichelberger, LAT
Death Shouldn't Be a Taxable Event - Thomas Fletcher, Washington Times
Tax Day Needs to Be Much More Painful - Chris Edwards, The Daily Caller
Federal Government Needs More Revenue - Danny Vinik, New Republic
Is the American Tax Revolt History? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Taxes Cost Quite a Bit More Than What We Pay - Caroline Baum,
Jeff Bezos May Have Found AMZN's Latest Money Pit - Ike Brannon, RCM
47 Percent of Americans Can't Save Money - Michael Maiello, Daily Beast
Farmers Do Not Consume 80% of California's Water - Devin Nunes, NRO
Refute Bad Economic Ideas While Having Fun - George Leef, The Freeman
Can Inequality Get Worse If Poverty Gets Better? - Alan Reynolds, Cato
Investors Hunt Value In European Corporates - Christopher Whittall, WSJ
Investing That Protects You From Manias - Philip van Doorn, MarketWatch
Can We Blame the Fed For Asset Manias? - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Here's What Your Stockbroker May Not Tell You - Matt Krantz, USA Today
Tuesday, April 14
Why Investors Should Ignore The Possibility Of Fed Hike - David Pett, NP
Earnings-Driven Bearishness Is Way Off Base - Avi Gilburt, MarketWatch
3 Ways China Market Rally Will Change World - Matthew Lynn, Telegraph
BlackRock's Fink Urges CEOs to Be Tough - A. Ross Sorkin, New York Times
Bernanke, Summers, Krugman: Astrology Priests II - Reuven Brenner, AT
Carbon Tax Economics Make Sense, Not Politics - Richard Reeves, RCM
Fracking Has Been Around Since the 1860s - John Manfreda,
Abolish the Internal Revenue Service - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
Rubio's Tax Plan Has Little To Do With Growth - John Tamny, Town Hall
Hillary Clinton & the Dems' Inequality Agenda - John Cassidy, New Yorker
Don't Expect Hillary to Stand Up to the Street - Danny Vinik, New Republic
How Many Ex-NFL Players Actually Go Broke? - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Why Women Can't End the Wage Gap On Their Own - Alan Friedman, NY
A Wilting California Deserves Better - Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
The Real Reason CA Cannot Water Its Lawns - Charles Kenny, Bloomberg
Civil War Was All About Slavery's Economic Horrors - Tim Reuter, Forbes
Monday, April 13
Overtaxed Workers Vote With Their Feet - Steve Moore, Washington Times
Hillary's Message Will Be It's the Economy, Stupid - Zach Karabell, Politico
Recessions Are Beautiful, Recessions Are Recovery - John Tamny, Forbes
Why It's So Hard For Americans To Buy A Home - Chris Matthews, Fortune
Fewer Start-Ups: An Ugly Econ. Signal - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Jobless Rate Doesn't Measure Job-Market Strength - Jeff Dorfman, RCM
Stock Market Is America's Great Wealth Equalizer - Editorial, Investor's
Make Your Adviser Work Better for You - John Coumarianos, MarketWatch
Earnings Season May Not Be Terribly Kind To Stocks - Patti Domm, CNBC
GE Looks Fully Priced Post Friday Announcement - Avi Salzman, Barron's
Should My Harvard Pupils Go to Wall Street? - Sendhill Mullainathan, NYT
Upstate New York Is Going the Way of Detroit - William Tucker, Deseret
Flattening Yield Curve Is the Latest Problem for Fed - Michael Casey, WSJ
Bernanke, Summers & Krugman: Astrology Priests - Reuven Brenner, AT
Hank Paulson Sees Financial Crack-Up, But Not In U.S. - Susan Page, USA
Why Are We Unequal, But Also Happy? - Steven Quartz & Annette Asp, NYT
Sunday, April 12
Scared of Stocks, or Just Making Excuses? - Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch
Real Reason the Dollar Is So Strong Right Now - Rana Foroohar, TIME
Printing Money Won't Save the Eurozone - Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph
New York City's $2.5B Lesson for Investors - Yuval Rosenberg, Fiscal Times
Is GE Capital a Victim of Dodd-Frank Reforms? - Justin Fox, Bloomberg
Yes, Stock Buybacks Are Just a Big Joke - John Crudele, New York Post
Social Security and Ghost of Ronald Reagan - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Andy Warhol as a Guide to International Trade - Arthur Brooks, NY Times
Clinton's Economic Plans Need Overhaul - Patrick Gillespie, CNNMoney
The Robot Invasion Finally Has Arrived - Jurica Dujmovic, MarketWatch
Saturday, April 11
Enough of This Monetary Madness - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily
Money for Nothing (ZIRP Forever?) - Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate
Fed Policy Handcuffed by Disinflation - Morris Beschloss, Desert Sun
Dollar Party Is Nearly Over, Get Out - William Watts, MarketWatch
The Ruble's Miracle Recovery? 3 Myths - Alexander Polivanov, Quartz
OPEC Is At Risk of Falling Apart - Gaurav Agnihotri,
Why Economic Sanctions Levied On Iran Are Crucial - Larry Kudlow, NRO
Middle Class Feeling Economically Insecure - Patricia Cohen, NYT
19 Signs US Families Are Being Economically Destroyed - Zero Hedge
Becoming a Millionaire: Easier Than Believed - Jeff Rose, Fiscal Times
Arthur Laffer: As Confident as Ever - Jim Tankersley, Washington Post
Supply-Side Economics Explained for Anyone - Mark Hendrickson, Forbes
So, What Really Causes Recessions? - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
26 Tricky Questions Apple Asks in Job Interviews - Lisa Eadicicco, BI
Do-It-All Era Ending, G.E. Returns to Core - James Stewart, NY Times
Why Gundlach Is Scared of These Bonds - Eddings & Ahmed, Bloomberg

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