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Friday, October 31
The U.S. Has Turned Japanese, But Worse - Paul Krugman, New York Times
With the End of QE, Confused Keynesians Scream - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
John Maynard Keynes Is the Economist We Need Now - Peter Coy, BBW
Moving Beyond Generic, 'Money Supply' Thinking - Jeffrey Snider, RCM
The U.S. Economic Family In Six Charts - Wilcox & Lerman, National Review
How Retirement Savers Can Be Miles Apart - John Waggoner, USA Today
Brazil Election's Global Market Implications - John Cassidy, New Yorker
Money Is Slow, Hedgies Trade In Milliseconds - Ben Steverman, Bloomberg
Trump Gets Real Estate Wrong In 'Slumbai' - C. Choudhury, Bloomberg
Mortgage Data Contradict Ludicrous 'Tight Credit' Claims - Editorial, IBD
Reform Tax Code, But Don't Rip Off the Bandage - Dorothy Coleman, RCM
How to Fly Private For Under $200 Per Person - Catey Hill, MarketWatch
When the Rich 'Hoard', They Help the Non-Rich - Iain Murray, Freeman
Why The 1 Percent Should Pay 80% Tax Rate - Saez & Piketty, The Guardian
Halloween Is Sweet For American Sugar Moguls - De Rugy & Castillo, RCM
The Education of Warren Buffett's New Protege - Colleen Leahey, Fortune
The GOP Is Back In Bed With Wall Street - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic
Thursday, October 30
The Fed's Lack of Conviction Is Warranted - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg
With End of Stimulus, Fed Faces New Hurdles - Darrell Delamaide, USAT
The Fed Must Rethink How It Measures Inflation - Marlin Stutzman, FWN
I Simply Cannot Find 'Market Failure' - Kevin Williamson, National Review
Well-Meaning Thinkers Are Being Seduced by VAT - Dan Mitchell, Forbes
Are the Usual Banks Too Expensive To Use? - Lisa Servon, New York Times
Here's Why Wall Street Can't Stand Jeff Bell - Seth Lipsky, New York Post
Wall Street Talks, and Jobs Are Slashed - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times
How Long Can the Shale Revolution Last? - Nick Cunningham,
Why Tiny Models Are Big In Real Estate - Art Patnaude, Wall Street Journal
5 Stocks Positioned to Weather Next Downturn - Michael Vallo, Barron's
Treasury Taking Aim at 'Homegrown REITs'? - John Burnett, InsideSources
Will Robots Supplant or Support Workers? - Vauhini Vara, New Yorker
Secret to Success from 40 Execs - Christopher Tkaczyk & Scott Olster, Fortune
82% of Americans Say Long-term Debt is Important Factor in their Vote -
Wednesday, October 29
Is It Time to Moderate the Homeownership Dream? - Eduardo Porter, NYT
Feds Eerily Double Down On Housing - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
The Timeless Allure of Stock-Market Timers - John Kimelman, Barron's
How to 'Game' This Very Clueless Stock Market - Jim Cramer, MSN Money
World Series Predictor No Worse Than Rest - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
An Investor Confronts Ebola Crisis - Philip Delves Broughton, New Yorker
How To Make Your Money Last For Longer Lifetime - Karen Damato, WSJ
Clinton's Radical Economic Beliefs Have Been Revealed - Editorial, IBD
Bear Markets Don't Just Happen. These 2 Things Cause Them - BI
Greedy Exit U.S. After Getting Rich Here - DeWayne Wickham, USA Today
Ed Gillespie Offers Serious Obamacare Alternative - James Capretta, RCM
Interview with Ian Schrager On the Hotel Business - Vivian Marino, NYT
Let's Get On With 'Uberizing' the Entire Economy - Brian Carney, Forbes
Canada Joins An Unrepentant Rogue's Gallery - Daniel McGroarty, RCM
Why a Street Criminal Stole a Stradivarius - Buzz Bissinger, Vanity Fair
How Quantitative Easing Has Changed World - Mehreen Khan, Telegraph
Niall Ferguson Would Blame QE for 'Alien Raids' - Noah Smith, Bloomberg
Tuesday, October 28
The Secret Market Indicator That The Bulls Will Love - Ken Fisher, Forbes
Is 2250 Now the New Target For the S&P 500? - Avi Gilburt, MarketWatch
The Rich Regret Not Investing More In 2014 - Nanci Hellmich, USA Today
Divorce Is Healthy...When It Involves Companies - James Surowiecki, TNY
Hillary's Anti-Business Talk Exposes Radical Roots - Stephen Moore, IBD
Clinton's Comment Causes Wall Street Unease - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NYT
With Disability Benefits Running Out, What to Do? - Henry Aaron, RCM
How SCOTUS Created the Student Loan Tulip - Bill McMorris, Spectator
Liberty and the IRS Are Incompatible - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
No Band-Aids, Let's Have Real Tax Reform - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCM
Uber's Driver Income Claims Just Don't Add Up - Alison Griswold, Slate
Behind the Wheel of the Bespoke Bentley - Zoe Settle, The Daily Beast
Zombie Mode: Capitalism Has Gone Off Rails - Michael Sauga, Der Spiegel
You're Next, 'Baba: Unilver's China Sales Fall 20% - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Fed Dissension May Well Intensify In Coming Months - Peter Ireland, E21
Fed's Touchy About Touching Rate Guidance - Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, WSJ
Long-Term Fiscal Outlook Remains a Top Concern For Voters -
Monday, October 27
Bill Ackman Is Betting Very Big - Alexandra Stevenson & Julie Creswell, NYT
My (Somewhat Tepid) Defense of Hedge Funds - Cliff Asness, AQR Capital
There's No 'There' With The Latest 'Deflation' Scare - John Tamny, Forbes
Weak Markets Push Fed to Continue QE - John Aidan Byrne, New York Post
Interview with Steve Forbes About Good Money - Jerry Bowyer, The Sun
Are Stock Buybacks Really Bullish? - Jonathan Clements, Wall Street Journal
Is $1 Million Enough Money to Retire On? - John Waggoner, USA Today
Don't Let Stocks Drive You Crazy - Andrea Coombes, Wall Street Journal
How to Find the Right Financial Advisor - Barry Ritholtz, Washington Post
In Some Ways, the Rich Really Aren't Very Different - Paul Sullivan, NYT
Wealth Inequality Is the Real Problem In the U.S. - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
Congressional Wealth Needs Extreme Makeover - Jim McTague, Barron's
Vladimir Putin, & the Energy Weapon Myth - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
All Debt Is Decidedly Not Created Equally - Jeff Dorfman, RealClearMarkets
Don't Buy a New House When It's Easier To - David Weidner, MarketWatch
Sunday, October 26
Something's Dangerously Wrong at NY Fed - David Dayen, Fiscal Times
Shareholders Disarmed by Deleware Court - Gretchen Morgenson, NYT
Does Amazon's Monopoly Really Matter? - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Hachette Dispute May Finally Be Hurting Amazon - Sam Frizell, TIME
Alibaba Threatens Amazon's Real Monopoly - Katie Benner, Bloomberg
Here's Why I Would Buy Apple, Sell Google - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
Knockoffs Can Boost Sales of Real Thing - Joe Pinsker, New York Post
Baseball's Screwball Salary System - Mike Cassidy, The Fiscal Times
Veteran Fraud Expert Sets Sights on Bitcoin - Chris Matthews, Fortune
U.S. Needs to Defend E-Commerce - Reps. Lee Terry & Peter Welch, CNBC
Saturday, October 25
Driving a Stake Through OPEC's Heart - Harold Hamm, IBD
Saudi Arabia's Risky Oil-Price Play - Isaac Arnsdorf, BusinessWeek
Surprised By Sluggish Global Growth? Don't Be. - John Mauldin, BI
Even Dragons Tire: How Long Can China Defy Odds? - The Economist
China Will Keep Growing. Just Ask the Soviets. - Neil Irwin, NY Times
Saying Farewell to a Tranquil Stock Market - Steven Wieting, Barron's
The Ebola Stocks: Effect of an Outbreak - Ben Rooney, CNNMoney
Stock Market May Get Dicey as Fed Day Looms - Patti Domm, CNBC
A "Crystal Ball" Stock Market Index? - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
Why You Should Avoid AMZN at All Costs - Doug Kass, TheStreet
Remember, Investing Is Long-Term Game - Julie Jason, The Advocate
Love Your Country, Reform Its Tax Code - Rob Portman, Bloomberg
The Optimistic GOP Story Everyone Is Missing - Larry Kudlow, RCM
Marijuana May Soon Be Bigger Than NFL - Chris Ingraham, Wash Post
How Successful People Handle Toxic People - Travis Bradberry, Forbes
Friday, October 24
Revenge of the Mom and Pop Investors - Joshua Brown, Fortune
Holiday Consumers Will Save Stock Market - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
Why Millennials Are Now Flocking to 401(k)s - Dan Kadlec, Money
Are Powerful CEOs Good for Shareholders? - Brett Arends, MarketWatch
Banks Again Avoid Skin in the Game - Floyd Norris, New York Times
Debunking the Myth of 'Too Big to Fail' - Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
Uber and the Disruption of Finance - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg
Apple Just Passed a Major Milestone - Philip Elmer-DeWitt, TIME
Amex & Visa Love Apple Pay. Will You? - Higgins & Dexheimer, BW
Amazon Investors Grow Tired of Losing Money - Alison Griswold, Slate
Employees, Not Investors, Will Slow Amazon Down - Brad Stone, BW
Zuckerberg Tries to Win Over China - Goel/Ramzy/Mozur, NY Times
Sorry, ObamaCare Is Still Unfixable - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg
Sorry Right, Yellen Is Conservative on Inequality - Richard Reeves, RCM
Thursday, October 23
Once Foreclosed On Try 2nd Stab at Ownership - Tara Siegel Bernard, NYT
As the Economy Evolves, Are You Maneuverable? - Rich Karlgaard, Forbes
Pay Raises Right Around the Corner - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
Is the Census Bureau Manipulating Economic Data? - John Crudele, NYP
Political Entrepreneurs Pushing Out Entrepeneurs - Wayne Brough, RCM
The Bipartisan Corporate Welfare Built Into O'Care - Michael Tanner, NR
Who's Going to Win, the Bulls or the Bears? - Bill Gunderson, MarketWatch
Why the Stock Market Rally Is Bad News - Ben Steverman, Bloomberg
Market Fragility a Bigger Worry Than Stock Volatility - Rob Cox, Reuters
Why Does Warren Buffett Still Own IBM & Coke? - Doug Kass, TheStreet
It's Crucial That Fed Keeps Interest Rates Low - Editorial, New York Times
CA Voters Must Reject Pet Propositions of Trial Bar - Carson Bruno, RCM
A Retirement Plan Must Include Networking Plan - Rodney Brooks, USAT
U.S. Middle Class Knows It Faces Grim Retirement - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
The Best Day to Buy Airline Tickets - Scott McCartney, Wall Street Journal
Yahoo's Dynamic CEO and Her Boring Plan - Vauhini Vara, The New Yorker
Wednesday, October 22
Forget Ride Sharing, Can You 'Uber' a Hamburger? - Matt Buchanan, NYT
Google Just Invested Millions In a Very Eccentric Man - Kevin Roose, NY
How to Succeed In Business & Gov't Without Trying - Tim Reuter, Forbes
Is It Time to Jump Back In Stock Market? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital
Market Volatility: A Symptom of Bigger Issues - Rob Cox, New York Times
Even Now, Stocks Aren't Any Cheaper - Anora Mahmudova, MarketWatch
Progressive Non-Fixes To A Non-Retirement 'Crisis' - Andrew Biggs, RCM
Mortgage Industry Strangles Housing, Blames Gov't - David Dayen, TNR
Here We Go Again With Easy, Govt Subsidized Mortgages - Editorial, IBD
David Gordon's Forbes Critique Fails Basic Economics - Marc Miles, RCM
The Evidence-Free Ways of Supply-Side Critics - Brian Domitrovic, Forbes
Keynesianism: Gov't Force Blocking Out Reality - Harry Binswanger, RCM
New York Fed Eyed London Whale, Let Him Go - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
Sorry Billl Dudley, Regulation Is the Culture Killer - Hester Peirce, RCM
Why John Sculley Still Thinks Mobile Rules - Maria Bartiromo, USA Today
Qantas May Have the Answer to Travel Woes - David Fickling, Bloomberg
Is It the End Of China's Economic Miracle? - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
Tuesday, October 21
Tune Out All The Stock-Market Noise - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
Big Companies Won't Protect You From Turbulence - Matt Krantz, USAT
The Global Economy's Starting to Resemble 1982 - Paul Hoffmeister, RCM
Russia's Currency Crisis Is An Inept Repeat of '08 - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
Vladimir Putin Takes McDonald's Back to Cold War - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
A Lack of Information Is Crushing Europe - John Tamny, RealClearMarkets
How Much Is Too Much With Taxation? - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
Paulson China Groveling Betrayed AIG Investors - Ira Stoll, New York Sun
How Gary Fencik Became a Star In the Financial World - Rich Cohen, SI
The Harmful Consequences of Gov't Price Controls - Thomas Sowell, IBD
Will Apple Re-Engineer The Way We Shop? - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCM
Your Credit History, Not Elizabeth Warren's Version - Todd Zywicki, L&L
This Nobel Is No Prize: A Flawed Regulatory View - Gene Epstein, Barron's
'Work Sharing': A Socialist Alternative to Layoffs? - Michelle Chen, Nation
Why Rich People Want You To Work for Free - Ted Gioia, The Daily Beast
Humanity's Last Hope, Venture Capitalists - Christopher Mims, WSJ
Who Murdered the Richest Woman In Monaco? - Mark Seal, Vanity Fair

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