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Wednesday, July 29
Hillarynomics: An Unoriginal Mess of Bad Policy - Charles Gasparino, NYP
Are Home Prices Again Setting Records? Not Really - Nick Timiraos, WSJ
Stop Green Cities from Disrupting Global Trade - Aaron Renn, City Journal
Nobody Really Knows How Much Bonds Cost - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
How the Greek Deal Could Kill the Euro - Shahin Vallee, New York Times
How Twitter Is Reinventing Itself As New Facebook - Will Oremus, Slate
Google's Social Network Is at Death's Door - Samantha Allen, Daily Beast
Henry Blodget In the Middle of a New Tech Boom - Jessica Pressler, NYM
Bernie Sanders' Anti-Immigration Crankery Is Illiterate - David Bier, FEE
The Right Must Reveal Human Side of Capitalism - Ralph Benko, Forbes
Feed a Data Hungry Public - Genachowski & McDowell, Wall Street Journal
Problem w/the White House Threat to Veto REINs - Wayne Crews, Forbes
How Dodd-Frank Ate the U.S. Economic Recovery - Editorial, Investor's
Will the Fed Make An Endless Recession Worse? - Connie Razza, Nation
Is There Any Point to Fed Secrecy Anymore? - Caroline Baum, Marketwatch
Tuesday, July 28
Why August Will Be the Worst Time To Holiday - Matthew Lynn, Telegraph
Clinton Aims to Thwart Quick Money on Wall Street - A. Ross Sorkin, NYT
How GS Became a Silicon Valley Powerhouse - Katrina Brooker, Bloomberg
Google Finally Admits Defeat With Its Google Plus - Will Oremus, Slate
Why Donald Trump Is Rich, and You're Not - Brett Arends, MarketWatch
Banking History Mocks Trump's $10 Billion Claim - John Tamny, Forbes
What May Make You an 'Ambivert' - Elizabeth Bernstein, Wall Street Journal
Promoting Science That's Very Unsettled - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
Middle Class Pandering: Great Rhetoric, Bad Policy - Michael Kinsley, VF
Banks Want Robots to Do Their Hiring - Kaiser Fung & Andrew Gelman, DB
States That Cut Taxes Do So At Their Peril - William Gale, RealClearMarkets
New Jersey Leads Nation In Out-Migration - Lee Habeeb, National Review
Message of China's Meltdown: Its Growth Miracle Is Over - Editorial, IBD
Something Lamentable About Rich, Booming London - Roger Cohen, NYT
Monday, July 27
The Simple Way To Ensure Hillary's Defeat In 2016 - Louis Woodhill, RCM
The Genius of Jerry Jones & Folly of Capital Gains Tax - John Tamny, IBD
GOP Forging a Highway Funding Disaster - Steve Moore, Washington Times
FT Sale Shows Strength of Some Newspaper Brands - Michael Wolff, USAT
How Your Parents' Income Foretells Your Future - Fottrell, MarketWatch
Could Uber Equivalent Be Applied to Medicine? - John Goodman, Forbes
Fed's Capital Standards Make Bank Failure Less Likely - Editorial, USAT
We Need Optimism Right Now, Lots of It - Arthur Brooks, New York Times
Why There's No Market Froth In Biotech - Jonathan Ratner, National Post
Why Sen. Al Franken Wants a Bite of Apple - Matt Laslo, The Daily Beast
Why the Left Are Always Wrong About Death of Capitalism - Gary North
It's Hard to Wager Against Housing Right Now - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
The Housing Market Still Isn't Rational - Robert Shiller, New York Times
No Need to Panic About China's Falling Markets - Roger Bootle, Telegraph
Expat Guide to China Rich Girlfriend - Ruchika Tulshyan, Wall Street Journal
Sunday, July 26
Here's Why ETFs Are Overtaking Hedge Funds - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Financial Services Under Attack Again - John Aidan Byrne, New York Post
Why Financial Times Has a New Owner - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Can Cities Beat Uber? - Farhad Manjoo & Mike Isaac, New York Times
Building a Safety Net for Freelance Economy - Nancy Cook, The Atlantic
Rare Feel-Good Story About Financial Literacy - Stephen Gandel, Fortune
Why Rules of Thumb Beat Precision - Morgan Housel, The Motley Fool
An Open Letter to Investors Bullish on Gold - Howard Gold, MarketWatch
Bitcoin Is Now Ransom of Choice - Nathaniel Popper, New York Times
In World of Robots, Humans Are Underrated - Geoff Colvin, Fortune
Saturday, July 25
Understand Economics Better Than Most Economists - Peter Ferrara, TAS
Goodbye Chicago Boys, Hello 'MIT Gang' - Paul Krugman, New York Times
What's Wrong With the Economies of the West? - Edmund Phelps, NYRB
Apple & Amazon's Twist of Keynesianism - Paul Vigna, Wall Street Journal
Any Way You Slice 'Em, Stocks Aren't Cheap - Brett Arends, MarketWatch
Is Dodd-Frank the Most Wasteful Law in History? - Terry Jones, Investor's
How Trump Treats the Numbers Differently - Allan Sloan, Washington Post
The Remote Island That Time Forgot - Charles Passy, Wall Street Journal
I Loved 'Least Meaningful Job In America' - Jonathan Malesic, New Republic
Hillary's Capital-Gains Tax Confusion - Lawrence Kudlow, RealClearMarkets
Based On Your Beliefs, IRS May Still Audit You - Elizabeth MacDonald, Fox
Time to Drive Stake Through the Heart of O'Care - Steve Forbes, Fox News
Civil Asset Forfeiture Victims Must Be Made Whole - George Leef, Forbes
How Handy Could Be the Uber of House Cleaning - Alison Griswold, Slate
The Financial Times Will Be In Good Hands - Felix Salmon, New York Times
Friday, July 24
Why Aren't More Americans Working? - Dan Coats, Washington Times
The Cities Leading A U.S. Manufacturing Revival - Joel Kotkin, Forbes
'No More Banks' Is the Worthwhile Goal - Jeffrey Snider, RealClearMarkets
Fed's Stance on Banks & Capital Makes Sense - Editorial, Washington Post
Is Yellen Playing with Fire by Not Raising Rates? - Tim Kane, IBD
China's Global Ambitions, With Loans & Strings Attached - NY Times
The True Cost of China's Market Intervention - Sue Chang, MarketWatch
Russia's Coming Fiscal Crisis - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
Dear John ... About Those New Obamacare Rates - Dan Mangan, CNBC
How to Fight Climate Change Like a Capitalist - Ryan Cooper, The Week
Dodd-Frank's Nasty Double Whammy - Phil Gramm, Wall Street Journal
What Dodd-Frank Left Unfinished - James Angel, Fortune
Why German Startups Fail - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
The Eurozone's German Problem - Philippe Legrain, Project Syndicate
The Four Noble Truths Of Energy Investing - Henry Hewitt,
With Retirement In Mind, Funds You Cannot Ignore - Dean Kalahar, RCM
6 Things to Tell Your Grandkids about Retirement - Mike Sorrentino, MW
Thursday, July 23
Pitching Products To Wal-Mart, In 30 Minute Spots - Sarah Nassauer, WSJ
Jet Is Now Here: Let the Price Wars Begin - Sarah Halzack, Washington Post
Why Was Apple's Stock So Roundly Punished? - Joe Chidley, National Post
Time to Sell Risk Assets, and Buy a Little Gold? - John Kimelman, Barron's
Compelling Bargains Outside the U.S. - John Coumarianos, MarketWatch
How Israel Is Becoming a High-Tech Superpower - Steve Forbes, Forbes
'Fractivist' Hysteria Turns To the Absurd - Mark Perry, Washington Times
Austin and Texas Embarrass Anti-Immigration Right - John Tamny, RCM
Donald Trump Doesn't Think, He Mainly Acts - Windsor Mann, USA Today
Absent Strong Action, Medicare Goes Way of Greece - Joseph Antos, RCM
The U.S. At An Ominous Crossroads - George Melloan, American Spectator
Greece Proves Austerity IS Government Spending - Sanjai Bhagat, RCM
Volcker Rule Might Make Losing Money Illegal - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
A Case for Tax On Financial Transactions - Jared Bernstein, New York Times
Here's How to Retire In Luxurious Fashion - Paul Merriman, MarketWatch
Highway Waste Always Turns GOP Wobbly - Editorial, Investor's Business
How the Airlines Rip Us Off With High Change Fees - Tim Wu, New Yorker
Wednesday, July 22
The Main Reason Markets Go Boom & Bust - Reuven Brenner, Asia Times
Forget Gold, Sugar Price Drop Is More Dramatic - John Ficenec, Telegraph
The Real Reason the Fed Wants to Hike - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Downsizing Is Fitting Way to Honor Dodd-Frank - Darrell Delamaide, USA
Dodd-Frank Has Just Entered Kindergarten - Liz MacDonald, Fox Business
What's the Big Driver of China's Latest Web Boom - Robyn Mak, Reuters
A Dose of Economic Reality for Jeb Bush - Teresa Tritch, New York Times
What Is Your Time Actually Worth? - Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal
Battling Rising Costs, ESPN Faces a Talent Drain - Richard Sandomir, NYT
"I, Whiskey": The Spirit of the Market - Competitive Enterprise Institute
A Great Econ Scholar Retires - Donald Boudreaux, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
North Dakota's Oil Economy Remains Very Strong - James Taylor, Forbes
Mexico Begins to Share Its Oil Prize - Marita Noon, The American Spectator
Does Uber Really Beat the Taxi Services? - Jesse Singal, New York Magazine
Uber Has Been a Very Big Opportunity For Me - Mohammad Hasan, NYP
Don't Get All Hot Over California Warming Hysteria - Editorial, Investor's
Tuesday, July 21
Fannie & Freddie Are Back, and Badder Than Ever - Bethany McLean, NYT
Investors Beware Macro Money Managers - Barry Ritholtz, Washington Post
The Market Doesn't Care About Your Opinions - Joe Calhoun, Alhambra
A Great Depression In Gold Stocks - Eric Nelson, Servo Wealth Management
Sens. Cruz and Paul Shift the Focus to Dollar Policy - Ralph Benko, Forbes
Now That It Can, Will the Fed Actually Raise Rates? - Paul Davidson, USAT
Unintended Results of Hillary's Soak-the-Rich Taxes - Scott Hodge, RCM
Hillary & Jeb Love Rich Without Really Knowing It - John Tamny, Forbes
How End of Moore's Law will Challenge Growth - Matthew Lynn, Telegraph
Is Dick Bove Too In Love w/Banking Industry? - John Kimelman, Barron's
Michael Bloomberg Is Too Successful For a Website - Michael Wolff, USAT
The Counterproductive Ban on the Export of Crude Oil - Ike Brannon, WS
How ISIS Is Upending Rich Lebanon Winemaking - Zaina Arafat, VinePair
Open Cuba Doesn't Mean a Free Cuba - James Bloodworth, The Daily Beast
As Singapore Hits 50, Can Meritocracy Flourish? - Richard Reeves, RCM
If Europe Can't Can Greece Save Itself? - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker
Monday, July 20
Tax, Tariff Hikes Crushed 1930s America - Arthur Laffer, Investor's Business
Growth Fantasy of Tax Cuts, Small Government - Noah Smith, Bloomberg
Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on Redistribution - Jeffrey Dorfman, RCM
Robots Will Take Our Jobs, and That's Great - Per Bylund, The OC Register
Fed Aversion to a 'Rule' Plainly Subverts the Constitution - Editorial, NYS
Carly Fiorina Interview, the Other Woman - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USAT
Nintendo's Late CEO Had the Heart of Gamer - Andrew McKie, Daily Beast
Misguided Political Attacks on CEO Pay - John Tamny, Wall Street Journal
To Fully Capitalize Small Business, Free Up the 401(k) - Oren Litwin, RCM
Don't Worry, We're Not the Next Greece - Steve Moore, Washington Times
Nope, Puerto Rico Is Not Our Greece - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Where Is China's Missing 1,850 Tons of Gold? - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Why LT Investors Should Listen to Dimon - Mitch Tuchman, MarketWatch
Perusing High List Is a Great Investment Plan - Peter Hodson, National Post
Liz Warren Urges Contenders to Curb Wall Street - George Zornick, Nation
What Do Bill & Melinda Gates Argue About? - Nick Kristof, New York Times
Sunday, July 19
Wall Street Is Scared of New Crisis - Jonathan Trugman, New York Post
A Tiny Bank's Surreal Fraud Prosecution - Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times
Homejoy 'Sharing Economy' Firm Shuts Down - Daniel D'Addario, TIME
The Disappearing American-Made Car - Beth Braverman, The Fiscal Times
The Week the European Dream Died - Darrell Delamaide, MarketWatch
Greece Kept in Permanent Crisis - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Iran Is About to Open for Business - Azadeh Moaveni, Bloomberg BW
Moore's Law Slows Down. Does It Matter? - Stacey Higginbotham, Fortune
Policing Reddit Could End Up Killing Reddit - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Drone Makes First Legal Doorstep Delivery - Jonathan Vanian, Fortune

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