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Thursday, August 25
Are Index Funds Really "The Road to Serfdom?" - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
Charts Signaling Market Heading to Correction - Sue Chang, MarketWatch
It Only Seems Like the Economy Is a Disaster - Chris Matthews, Fortune
Fed Turns Up Volume, Market Tunes Out Message - Caroline Baum, MW
It's Self-Driving Cars or Bust for Uber's CEO - Marco della Cava, USA Today
With Media, Facebook Is Where It's All Happening - John Herrman, NYT
Competition Is the Cure for EpiPen's Price Hike - Paul Howard, The Hill
Brazillionaires: Sober Look @Crony Brazil - Lauren Weiner, Law & Liberty
Treasury Can't See Inversions Aren't Problem - William Shughart, RCM
Does Your Grocery Own Part of Your Income? - Donald Boudreaux, PTR
It's a Happy Norm for Jobs to Disappear - Daniel Gross, Strategy+Business
Eagle Ford Down, But Still Brimming wPotential - Tsvetana Paraskova, OP
Can California Voters Create Responsible Policy? - Carson Bruno, RCM
Like Businesses, Whole Nations Can Be Startups Too - Tyler Cowen, BBW
Euro Has Wrecked the EU and Led Directly to Brexit - Jeremy Warner, DT
Wednesday, August 24
Los Angeles Enters a New Era As a Global City - Edward Fitz, MarketWatch
Millennials Are Bringing Health to the Housing Market - Neil Irwin, NYT
Millennials Not Buying Homes. Good - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
China's Caught In 'Dead Money' Trap - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Lochte & the Impatience of Corporate Sponsors - James Surowiecki, TNY
Why It's Sensible for Markets to Refuse WIC Checks - John Crudele, NYP
Loosening Wall Street's Grip on Washington - Darrell Delamaide, USAT
The Fed and Fiscal Policy During the Obama Years - James Capretta, RCM
The Fed Should Greenlight a Strong Stimulus - Patrick Smith, Fiscal Times
The FCC Has Become Dangerously Powerful - Clyde Wayne Crews, Forbes
Forty-Five Years Without Gold Standard - Daniel Fernandez Mendez, Mises
Why It's So Hard to Gauge the Rate of Inflation - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
Kickstarter Is Democratizing Product Development - James Joiner, TDB
Overturned: A Hedge Funder Who Beat the Feds - William Cohan, Fortune
Social Security Lies In Trump's New Ad - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, August 23
Why Can't We See We're Living In Golden Age? - Johan Norberg, Spectator
So What If New York Is Expensive? It Helps Rest of U.S. - Conor Sen, BV
Trump & Clinton's Manuf.-Job Promises Are Cruel - Geoff Colvin, Fortune
Millennial Retirement Will Be Easy: Get Into Stocks - Sean Williams, USA
Sector That Performs Best When Oil Is Slumping - Mark DeCambre, MW
Small Investors Worried, So You Shouldn't Be - Simon Constable, Street
Questions Central Bankers Must Ask in Jackson Hole - Matthew Lynn, DT
Wal-Mart's Jet Buy Puts Net Sales Tax @Forefront - Jessica Melugin, RCM
In Louisiana, Private Disaster Relief Outperforms Govt - Kevin Boyd, FEE
Deutsche Bank's $10 Billion Russian Scandal - Ed Caesar, The New Yorker
Why Capital Markets Are Tough for Scrappy Non-Profits - Stuart Butler
Uber Lobbyist Who Wants to Crush deBlasio - Simon Van Zuylen-Wood,NY
Billionaires Will Take Us to Space - Christian Davenport, Washington Post
Trillions Spent on Climate, Lots of Harm - Richard Rahn,Washington Times
Monday, August 22
Obama Era: The Best Of Times To Be A Stock Investor - Jeff Sommer, NYT
Winning With Active Management? You're Delusional - Eric Nelson, SA
Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Stock Portfolio - Spencer Jakab, MW
Bill Ackman's Summer Has Been Pretty Terrible - Carleton English, NYP
Why So Few Trust China's Markets - Christopher Balding, Bloomberg View
Why Banker Bashers Now Love London's City - Allister Heath, Telegraph
Hedge Robot Outsmarts His Master - Kathleen Chu & Komaki Ito,Bloomberg
How to Convince the Robots You're Right for the Job - Uncubed, Fortune
Uber Aims to Unemploy Its Own Drivers - Abha Bhattarai, Washington Post
Peggy Noonan Is the True, and Very Isolated Elitist - John Tamny, Forbes
AntiTrump Arguments Don't Make Sense - Steve Moore, Washington Times
In Trump's Empire: Hazy Ties, $650 Million in Debts - Susanne Craig,NYT
What We Mean By 'Let the Market Handle It' - Donald Boudreaux, FEE
Brexit Collapse: Tragic Vision That Never Materialized - Larry Elliott, TG
Brazil Will Gain Econ Benefits of Olympics, Right? Wrong - Editorial,IBD
Are Aging And the Slowdown Linked? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Saturday, August 20
Why It's Twice As Expensive To Retire Today - James Moore, MarketWatch
Non-Traditional Ways to Fund Retirement - Maryalene LaPonsie,U.S. News
Sorry Kids, Rich Pensioners Are a Fact of Life - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
Infrastructure Crisis? The U.S. Is #1 In The World - Paul Roderick Gregory
Alabama's Politicians Dig a Big Hole for Taxpayers - Tony Sayegh, RCM
Stocks That Fidelity Has Been Buying and Selling - Paul Katzeff, Investor's
Stocks That Have Beaten Google Since Its IPO - Aaron Pressman, Fortune
All the Fun Is Going Out of Hedge Funds - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
Evidence Fed Won't Hike Pre-Election Day - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
Rich Are Recovered, Poor Haven't Begun - Jim Tankersley,Washington Post
Clinton & Trump Don't Get Need for Free Economy - Fred Smith, Forbes
Stop the Tax on Olympic Gold - Sens. John Thune and Chuck Schumer, USAT
Why Flat-Screens Are Affordable, Healthcare Isn't - Richard Lorenc, FEE
Hate Is a Bad Thing, but I DO Hate Verizon - Delia Ephron, New York Times
Friday, August 19
Nightmare on Main Street:Housing Has Not Been Reformed - Economist
Tweeting About 'First Seven Jobs' to Mask Privilege - L.V. Anderson, Slate
Myths About the Economy That Won't Die - Michael Brush, MarketWatch
What Donald Trump Doesn't Know about Detroit - Steven Rattner, NYT
Trump Is a Bigger Global Threat Than Brexit - Tim Wallace, The Telegraph
A Facebook Dollar, and a Return to Gold Money - Editorial, New York Sun
A New Approach to Monetary Policy Is Needed - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg
Credentialed Experts Consistently Reveal Ineptitude - Jeffrey Snider,RCM
Most Important Financial Interview You've Never Read - Eric Nelson, SA
When Fewer Can Pursue Commerce, We're Worse Off - James Patterson
The IRS to Michael Phelps: 'You Didn't Win That' - Carey Wedler, FEE
Don't Further Complicate Tax Code wOlympic Exception - Editorial, USA
Necessities Expensive, Luxuries Cheap - Chris Ingraham, Washington Post
How Millennials Can Build $1M Retirement Nest Egg - Paul Katzeff, IBD
Meet Marcus, Goldman's Online Bank for Masses - Nathaniel Popper, NYT
California's Latest Temporarily Temporary Tax - Larry Sand, City Journal
An Amendment That Could Turn Colorado Into CA - Travis Brown, Forbes
Thursday, August 18
Bad Policy, Not Robots, Will Kill Jobs - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Clinton and Trump's Lousy Tax Plans - David Cay Johnston, The Daily Beast
Clinton's Econ. Plan Takes West Virginia Nationwide - John Tamny, RCM
Taxing the Rich Also Taxes the Little Guy - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Inequality Is a Distraction: The Real Issue Is Growth - Scott Winship, MI
Trade: Trump & Clinton Both Wrong - Veronique de Rugy, National Review
The Riddle of the Wall Street Brain Drain - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
What Grace Slick Can Teach You About Investing - Doug Kass, RealMoney
Why Markets Are Rooting for Hillary to Win - Anthony Mirhaydari, TFT
Joining a Union Is Easy, Exiting Is Hard - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, U.S. News
A Math Problem That's Actually Costing People Jobs - David Nocenti, USA
Why Popular Bosses Aren't Always Great Leaders - Geoff Colvin, Fortune
Legal Conflict at the Heart of U.S. Retirement Plans - Stephen Mihm, BV
Brexit Fearmongers Were Flat Out Wrong - Editorial, Investor's Business
Britain Should Lead the Nuclear Revolution - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard,DT
Wednesday, August 17
Why America's White Working Class Is Falling Behind - J.D. Vance, NRO
The Sheer Idiocy of Student Loan Forgiveness - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Aetna's Obamacare Retreat Is More Than It Seems - Megan McArdle, BBW
Obamacare Will Survive Aetna Market Retreat - Editorial, New York Times
Aetna's CEO Predicted Obamacare's Demise 4 Years Ago - Editorial, IBD
Environment Must Be Balanced w/Econ. - Pete Sepp, Washington Times
It May Be Time to Buy Market's Losers - Anthony Mirhaydari, Fiscal Times
Bernanke Doesn't Own Up In His Latest Fed Analysis - John Crudele, NYP
A $6T Pension Hole We'll All Pay For - Bartholomew & Gold, MarketWatch
Greece's Financial Crisis Gives Europe the Jitters - John Psaropoulos,TWS
From California, a Better Path to Retirement - Editorial, New York Times
What Lloyd Blankfein Would Tell Younger Self - Lucinda Shen, Fortune
Why Many CEOs Like Me Will Vote for Clinton - Jim Murren, USA Today
Clinton and Trump Bring Back Keynesian Econ - Thomas Donlan, Barron's
Trump Econ Plan Would Make U.S. Less Great - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
Trump's Plan Could Make Him One of the Best - Uhler & Ferrara, Spectator
Tuesday, August 16
Hillary Clinton Is Dead Wrong About Death Tax - Mitch Albom, USA Today
The Safest Place For Your Money at Record Highs - Michael Sincere, MW
Most Important 6 Mos. of Your Investing Life - Eric Nelson, Seeking Alpha
Inflation Protection Should Be the Theme for Investors - Doug Kass, RM
How a Good Stockbroker Became a Bad Bank Robber - Andrew Ford, USA
Capitalism's Great Achievements Have Benefited Ordinary - Mark Perry
Journalists Needn't Fear My Lawsuit Against Gawker - Peter Thiel, NYT
Two Lingering Suspicions About Econ. Statistics - Justin Fox, Bloomberg
No Gov't, No Worries: Economies Roll On - Matthew Lynn, The Telegraph
Unions Have Yet to Rebound from 2008 - Steven Malanga, City Journal
DNA Databases Deter Crime, w/o Filling Prisons - Jennifer Doleac, RCM
Do Alternative Measures Reveal China Slowdown? - Paul Gregory, Forbes
Why Afghan Oil Will Never Get Out of Ground - Zainab Calcuttawala, OP
Olympic Event Where 1st Prize Could Lose You Billions - AR Sorkin, NYT
In Texas, the Rise of Uber for Frequent Fliers - Loren Steffy, Texas Monthly
Monday, August 15
The Stimulus Wore Off. What's Next? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Gary Johnson: Right On a Sales Tax, Wrong on Rate - John Tamny, Forbes
Would Anyone Believe Clinton's 10 Million Job Promise? - Editorial, NYP
How Clinton and Trump Differ on Tax Rates - Neil Irwin, New York Times
Clinton's Economic Plan Is Recessionary - Steve Moore, Washington Times
In Trashing Trade, Clinton & Trump Play with Fire - Editorial, Investor's
Can the Recovery of Emerging Markets Last? - Tom Stevenson, Telegraph
Will Stock Market Hangover Follow Record Highs? - Mark DeCambre,MW
Why Robots Are a Threat to Job Security - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Don't Let Charges on Ailes Blind Us to His Genius - Steve Forbes, Forbes
U.S. Schools Are More Unequal Than We Thought - Susan Dynarski, NYT
Chile Private Social Security System Falling Apart - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
Venezuela: How South America's Once Richest Died - Ioan Grillo, Time
At Delta, We're Focused On Regaining Your Trust - Ed Bastian, USA Today

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