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Saturday, December 10
The Donald Trump Stock Bump Is about Goldman - Jen Wieczner, Fortune
How to Play the Trump Stock-Market Rally - Paul Lim, New York Times
What to Consider as Stocks Hit Record Levels - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
Beware of the Panic Buying In Bank Stocks - Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch
Why Not Issue 100-Yr. Treasury Bonds? - Larry Kudlow, RealClearMarkets
Gov't Spending Is Suffocating the Economy - Thomas Del Beccaro, Forbes
Niall Ferguson Reverses His Course on Brexit - Stephen MacLean, NYS
Sears Transformed U.S., It Deserves a Dignified Death - Megan McArdle
CA Legislature's Gaseous Impulses - Steven Greenhut, American Spectator
The "Gig Economy" May Flourish Under Trump - Nick Gillespie, Reason
Labor Having Gravest Crisis in Decades - Steven Mufson, Washington Post
Why the American Dream Is Dying - David French, National Review Online
For Millennials, Is the American Dream Dead? - Nathan Bomey,USA Today
Financial Perks of Not Celebrating Christmas - Susannah Snider,U.S. News
Friday, December 9
The U.S. Economy Needs More Main Street Capitalism - David Smick, NR
More Than Intimidation Required to Make U.S. Great - Steve Malanga, CJ
Andrew Puzder: Wrong Pick for Labory Sec'y - Editorial, New York Times
The Trump Tax Plan Could Reduce Giving - Brill, Mathur & Kallen, RCM
Follow the Will of the People, Impose Trump Tariffs - Dennis Black, USAT
A Major Technological Turning Point for Finance - Eugene Ludwig, IBD
A Better Theory to Explain Financial Manias - Noah Smith, Bloomberg
The Reasons Why Stocks Are in 'Melt Up' Mode - Adam Shell, USA Today
An Inspiring Story of a Cuban Who Escaped Castro - Thomas Hill, RCM
Portland's CEO Pay Limit Will Have No Impact - Polina Marinova, Fortune
Seattle May Be Driving the Erasure of a Profession - Jared Meyer, Forbes
Amazon Is Desperate for Human Labor - Daniel Gross, Strategy+Business
Zuckerberg and Musk Promote Poor Governance - Poletti & Owens, MW
The Year That Silicon Valley Went Morally Bankrupt - Sarah Jones, TNR
The Fed Has a Huge Balance Sheet: Is It a Problem? - John Cochrane, TGE
In 2016, Central Banks Quietly Surrendered - Jeff Snider,RealClearMarkets
Thursday, December 8
Dems Have Some Nerve Talking Up Obama's Economy - Seth Lipsky, NYS
Trump Unnerves U.S. Companies - Drew Harwell & Rosalind Helderman,WP
The Obama Recovery Has Been a Myth - Terry Jones, Investor's Business
What Was Once an Albatross Is Now a 'Gift' - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Both Sides Need to Make a Better Case for Trade - Glen Wakeman, RCM
Sorry, We Do Not Have a Trade Deficit - Kevin Williamson, National Review
Trump Win Set Off $2T Rotation to Stocks - Reynolds & Haigh, Bloomberg
Why You're Very Mistaken If You Dismiss ETFs - William Baldwin, Forbes
The Ways to Avoid Retirement Housing Crunch - Lisa Backus, USA Today
Cure for Costly Housing Is More Costly Housing - Noah Smith, Bloomberg
How the FCC Can Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations - Seth Cooper, RCM
The Difference Between First and Business Class - Jordan Bishop, Forbes
What's Facebook Going to Do After 'Fake News'? - Brian Feldman, NYM
Comparing the Gold Standard to the PhD Standard - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
Wednesday, December 7
Sorry Luddites, AmazonGo Will Be Huge Job Creator - John Tamny, RCM
When Checkout Lines at Grocery Stores Go Away - Justin Fox, Bloomberg
What Michael Lewis's New Book Says About Leaders - Jesse Singal, NYM
Carrier Is a Loss for Mexicans and Americans - Donald Boudreaux, PTR
Trump's Carrier Deal Won't Make the U.S. Great - Matthew Mitchell, RCM
Obama & Trump Are Both Wrong About Saving Jobs - David Dayen, TFT
Growth Under Trump Will Make His Job Easy - Tom Del Beccaro, Forbes
The Constitutionalism of Crony Capitalism - Greg Weiner, Law and Liberty
Can Donald Trump Be the Euro's Savior? - Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate
Trump Must Repeal Dodd-Frank Right Away - Editorial, Investor's Business
A Bigger Econ. Pie That Few Get a Slice Of - Patricia Cohen, New York Times
How I Select & Manage Short-Term Trading Ideas - Doug Kass, RealMoney
Rising Bond Yields Signal a Growth Environment - Peter Ireland,
Castro, Socialism, and the Shortsighted - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
United Wants to Repeal & Replace Comfy Flight - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Tuesday, December 6
Trump Inherits Best Economy In a Generation - Chris Matthews, Fortune
Political Spin Is in Full Spin on the Obama Economy - Ray Keating, RCM
To Bring Back Jobs, Trump Should Hire Musk - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NYT
Unskilled Manufacturing Jobs Never Existed - Simon Constable, Forbes
To 'Save' 800 Jobs, Trump Kills Exponentially More - John Tamny, RCM
The 'Carrier' of Cronyism Is Evident In Trump's Deal - Mark Thoma, TFT
Trump's Election: Economics, Culture? - Isabel Sawhill, RealClearMarkets
The Fed Needs a New Leader, and New Policies Too - Steve Forbes, Forbes
Trump/Schumer Romance Spells Econ. Trouble - Ira Stoll, New York Sun
Turning the Red States Into Poor, Sickly Paradises - Steven Pearlstein, WP
Actually, They're Leaving the Blue States in Droves - Stephen Moore, WT
The Shakedown of Private Wealth Inside India - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
What Trump Didn't Learn From Financial Crisis - Noah Smith, Bloomberg
Now Is Time for More Credit Risk - John Coumarianos, Wall Street Journal
Still Time for Retirees to Sell Dividend Stocks? - Eric Nelson,Seeking Alpha
Monday, December 5
Why Does Media Hate the Worker So Much? - Reuven Brenner, Asia Times
Media Say We're In a Jobs Boom - We're Not - Editorial, Investor's Business
Taxes: Trump Should Copy Reagan - Lawrence Summers, Washington Post
The Economic Stupidity of the Carrier Handout - Kevin Williamson, NRO
To Boost Economy, Forget Trade Deficit - Greg Mankiw, New York Times
Sebastian Mallaby Falls In Love w/Alan Greenspan - John Tamny, Forbes
Markets Express Confidence in Trump's Agenda - Charles Calomiris, e21
Trump Infrastructure Is Privatization Assault - Michelle Chen, The Nation
Trump Has Unleashed Market's 'Animal Spirits' - Mark DeCambre, MW
What It Will Take for Stocks to Keep Climbing - Anthony Mirhaydari, TFT
Ross & Mnuchin Are Very Good Trump Choices - Jonathon Trugman, NYP
Trump May Mean Fan and Fred Independence - Gretchen Morgenson, NYT
Newly Unleashed 9/11 Lawsuits Threaten Economy - Larry Lindsey, USAT
OPEC's Power Is In Decline Amid a U.S. Surge - Bill Loveless, USA Today
American Football Could Fall Like Rome's Gladiators - Mary Pilon, NYP
Should Out-Of-Step California Secede? - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times
Saturday, December 3
OPEC Triggering U.S. Shale Drilling Boom? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Italy Is Europe's Next Test In Its Fight for Survival - John Lloyd, Reuters
Last Month Changed Everything For the Markets - Sid Verma, Bloomberg
Market Math: Do Valuations Matter in Trump World? - Adam Shell, USAT
Here's How Much Tax Cuts Could Boost Stocks - Ed Carson, Investor's
What November's Jobs Report Means for Policy - Mohamed El-Erian, BV
New Jobs Numbers Signal End of an Economic Era - Neil Irwin, NY Times
What Are They Doing? 95 Million Not In US Labor Force - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Sorry, Trump Isn't the Second Coming of Reagan - Neil Howe, Hedgeye
4 Ways Trump's Economic Plan Already Morphed - Rick Newman, Yahoo!
Dear Progressives, Millennials Love Capitalism - J. Meyer, American Spect
6 Million Americans Stopped Paying Their Car Loans? - Matt Turner, BI
Why Robots Will Save Global Economy - Ruchir Sharma, Washington Post
China Warns iPhones Have A Serious Problem - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
4 Best Tech Stocks to Buy Instead of FB or AMZN - Jen Wieczner, Fortune
The Age When Most People Retire (Hint: Too Young) - Dan Kadlec, Money
Friday, December 2
The Myth of Rust Belt Revolt - Konstantin Kilibarda & Daria Roithmayr, Slate
Trump Is Already Helping the Working Class - Jonathon Trugman, NYP
Obama's Contempt for Working Class Strong as Ever - Jim Geraghty, NR
Pay More, Treat Your Employees Better - Thomas Heath, Washington Post
Is Our Economic Future Really Behind Us? - Joel Mokyr, Project Syndicate
Unpacking the Absurdity of Buy Local Movement - Donald Boudreaux, CH
The Glamour That Restrained the November Rally - Shawn Langlois, MW
We Already Went Through All of This Just Last Year - Jeffrey Snider, RCM
Trump Tax Cuts: Bad Idea w/a Bright Future - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Jack Kemp's '84 Gold Act Shows Us How It's Done - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
Cheap & Clean: Energy Any President Could Love - James Sweeney, Hill
New York Needs to End Its 'Hollywood' Giveaways - E.J. McMahon, NYP
Why Ditching Breitbart Is a Risky Move for Brands - John Kell, Fortune
World Leaders Ignore Castro's Reign of Econ Terror - Kerry Jackson, IBD
Iceland Becomes a Hive of Development - Aili McConnon, New York Times
Ten Good Pieces of Econ. Data From Around the World - Sid Verma, BBW
Thursday, December 1
Mr. Trump's Disastrous Plan to Keep Jobs In the U.S. - Tyler Cowen, BBW
The Unanswered Question about Carrier - Jim Tankersley, Washington Post
Team Trump Dishes Out Generous Corporate Welfare - Mark Perry, AEI
We're Missing the Economic Big Picture - Brad DeLong, Project Syndicate
Trump Transition Needs More Talk About Money - Ralph Benko, Forbes
What Will Trump's Presidency Mean For the Dollar? - John Tamny, L & L
Houston and Dallas, We Have a Problem - Jon Cassidy, American Spectator
The Big Infrastructure Myth - Marc Scribner, Foundation for Econ. Education
Why Economic Situation In Italy Matters - Robert Samuelson, Investor's
Chinese Workers Displaced by Shanghai Automation - Daniel Gross, S+B
What Explains the Decline of American Unions? - Raymond Hogler, TNR
Why Do We Need a GS Financial Conditions Index? - Caroline Baum, MW
Trump's Treasury Pick Is a Foreclosure King - Gideon Resnick, Daily Beast
Trump Embraces Wall St Elite - Landon Thomas & Alexandra Stevenson, NYT
Wednesday, November 30
Trump Frees Working Class of Any Responsibility - Peter Beinart, Atlantic
Trump Bus. Conflicts Will Serve Us Well - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
Sorry, But Trump Can't Kill Nafta - Julian Ku & John Yoo, Los Angeles Times
Donald Trump & New Economic Order - Michael Spence, Project Syndicate
Path to Tax Reform Involves Congress Doing Nothing - Dana Wade, RCM
How the U.S. Could Kill the Corporate Tax - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
The ACA Repeal Will Be Biggest Tax Cut of the Year - Ryan Ellis, Forbes
Mnuchin Is a Public Policy Outsider - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times
Mnuchin Proves Trump Will Be Wall Street Gift - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Cuomo Capitalism Has Chased Companies from NY - Bob McManus, CJ
The Big Charity Problem Giving Tuesday Can't Fix - Helaine Olen, Slate
Way Forward for Troubled Europe - Michael Boskin, International Banker
Dear Ben Bernanke, Gold & Silence Are Linked - Editorial, New York Sun
It Will Be a December to Remember for Stocks - Anthony Mirhaydari, TFT

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