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Saturday, July 23
These 3 Charts Signal Trump Loss in November - Chris Matthews, Fortune
The Democratic Party's Growth Deficit - Stephen Moore, Investor's Business
Trump Taps Into Anger, But Solutions Are Vague - David Malpass, Forbes
Trump and Musk Are Birds of a Feather - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Musk's Crazy Tesla Plans are Quite Sane - Vivek Wadhwa, Washington Post
High Yield Bonds Are Too High Risk - John Coumarianos, MarketWatch
The Quiet Comeback of Reverse Mortgages - John Wasik, New York Times
Gold May Not Be As Safe a Haven As You Thought - Mark Hulbert, USAT
Why One Bull Thinks S&P 500 Can Rally to 2,400 - Mark DeCambre, MW
Why Iran Bond Market Isn't Luring Funds it Needs - Alireza Ramezani, Al
Pokemon Go Represents The Best Of Capitalism - Andrew Meleta,
Wolfgang Puck Talks Food, Culture and Brexit - Joanne Shurvell, Forbes
What Uber Can Teach Federal Reserve - George Melloan,Wall Street Journal
Friday, July 22
Win or Lose, Trump Will Make a Lot of Money - Steven Strauss, USA Today
Pence and Trump's Corporate Welfare Gospel - David Cay Johnston, TDB
Mike Pence Soared, Ted Cruz Is Finished - Larry Kudlow, National Review
Trump's Mixed Messages to Wall Street - Sheelah Kolhatkar, New Yorker
U.S. Cities Creating Most White Collar Jobs in 2016 - Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Pointing Finger at Fed in Lehman Blowup - James Stewart, New York Times
Why New Bull Market May Just Be Getting Started - Shawn Langlois, MW
Partisanship, Animus and Market Volatility Lie Ahead - Doug Kass, RM
Question Now Is Whether or Not Sense Can Prevail - Jeffrey Snider, RCM
How 'Ma Bell' Suppressed Innovation for Thirty Years - Bill Frezza, FEE
The Long, Final Goodbye of the VCR - Jonah Bromwich, New York Times
Tesla's Master Plan: All Promise, No Product - Edward Niedermeyer, BBW
How Workers Build Bigger Retirement Nest Eggs - Paul Katzeff, Investor's
Should Retirees Try to Time the Stock Market? - Eric Nelson,Seeking Alpha
Thursday, July 21
Trump Is Not the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan - Caroline Baum, MW
Thiel Is An Outlier: Why Silicon Valley Hates Trump - Will Oremus, Slate
Presidents Make Little Difference to the Economy - Jeff Dorfman, Forbes
The Gaping Hole RNC: Talk of Jobs & Econ. Growth - Editorial, Investor's
Magical Economic Thinking at the GOP Convention - John Cassidy, TNY
Trump Energy Policy: Making U.S. Great In Real Way - Marita Noon, TAS
Will Aubrey McClendon's Death Be Felt in Houston? - Loren Steffy, TM
Will Once Great Rust Belt Ever be Great Again? - Bill Sternberg,USA Today
Stop Red Ink: Make America Sustainable Again - Veronique de Rugy, IBD
Duct Tape Won's Save the ACA's Collapsing Exchanges - Sally Pipes, NRO
Ackman Just Accused Carl Icahn of Stock Fraud - Jen Wieczner, Fortune
Why Goldman Sachs Is Bullish About the U.S. - Sue Chang, MarketWatch
25 Percent Fear Running Out of Retirement Money - Rodney Brooks, WP
Dear Central Banks, Nationalization Would Be Awful - Matthew Lynn, DT
Wednesday, July 20
My Fellow Americans, More Volatility Lies Ahead - Doug Kass, RealMoney
Strength of This Market Is Strength of This Market - Kevin Marder, MW
Risky Investments Have Place in a Portfolio - Simon Constable, U.S. News
GOP Plan to Break Up Big Banks Is Just Bizarre - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune
GOP and Dems Shouldn't Hold Breath About Repeal - Jeff Sommer, NYT
Fed's Mission Is Accomplished, Why No Change? - Conor Sen, Bloomberg
Why Trump Must Pivot to the Economy - Peter Morici, Washington Times
Trump's Protectionism Bad for USA, Bad for Party - Editorial, USA Today
Kansas: An Unsung Hero for Economic Growth - Rex Sinquefield, Forbes
Little to Show From the Obama Recovery - Paul Brandus, MarketWatch
How Companies Can Win Talent Wars - Daniel Gross, Strategy+Business
'Criminally Overlooked' Books on Economics/Finance - Lawrence Hamtil
Can S. Valley Do Anything to Stop Police Violence? - Jenna Wortham, NYT
The Dumbest Idea in Politics and Economics - Thomas Sowell,
Tuesday, July 19
Trump and Pence Not On Same Economic Page - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NYT
Trump Is Right About the Bad of Free Trade - Daniel McCarthy, USA Today
Why the Next Recession Not Around the Corner - Chris Matthews, Fortune
That's Your Idea of a Recession? Keep Trying - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
The Alarmists Need to Relax: Even 1968 Wasn't 1968 - John Tamny, RCM
Air Is Getting Thinner As the S&P Climbs Higher - Doug Kass, RealMoney
What's Behind Decline of Publicly Listed U.S. Firms? - Bret Swanson, CoC
Retirement: Is This What You Had In Mind? - Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg
The Fiscal Fraud In the Golden State - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily
Why We Can't Keep Putting Off Social Security Fix - Charles Blahous, e21
Punctuated Evolution of Chicago Economics - Ross Emmett, Law & Liberty
How CEOs Can Easily End Gender-Wage Gap - Margaret Heffernan, NYO
Wellness: New Way to Look, Feel and Act Rich - Marisa Meltzer, New York
Broken Coffeepot, Your Flight Is Delayed - Annalyn Kurtz, New York Times
Whatever Happened to the Ice-Bucket Challenge? - James Surowiecki,TNY
The Last Day Of the Legendary Four Seasons - Jay Cheshes, The Daily Beast
Monday, July 18
Why Land and Homes Tend to be Lousy Investments - Robert Shiller, NYT
Before Buying a Retirement Home, Do Homework - Rodney Brooks, WP
Rising Gold and Oil Brightly Signal Econ. Slowdown - John Tamny, Forbes
Congress Must Keep Spending Promises - Steve Moore, Washington Times
Market Should Guide Road-Funding Solutions - Jesse Hathaway, RCPolicy
Yield Curve Deniers Prepare to Do Battle - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Is Fed Fueling Fear Into U.S. Markets? - Jonathon Trugman, New York Post
This Is How the Market Deals With Shocks - Victor Reklaitis, MarketWatch
So Much for Dimon Being a Working-Class Hero - Dreier & Cohen, Nation
Turkey: Coups Don't Depress Economic Growth - Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg
Italy's Europe Wrangle Will Dwarf Brexit Shock - Ben Marlow, Telegraph
Trump Versus Clinton on the Economic Issues - Paul Davidson, USA Today
Trump: Business Deal Master, or Truth Challenged? - David Barstow,NYT
Showdown: When Pres Eisenhower Took On Big Oil - Gil Troy, Daily Beast
Saturday, July 16
Why Are Stocks Rising As The World Falls Apart? - Aaron Task, Fortune
Gold Prices May Soar Past $5,000 - Jared Dillian, John Mauldin's Tumblr
Why 10-Year Treasury May Fall Below 1% - Ellie Ismailidou, MarketWatch
An Unpleasant View At Bull Market's Summit - Conrad de Aenlle, NY Times
Dow 20,000? Don't Laugh, It Could Happen - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
The Dubious Side of a Record Market - Gail MarksJarvis, Chicago Tribune
The 'Attempted Coup' in Turkey & the Day After - Marco Vicenzino, RCM
Leadership Change Needed For Rally To Continue - Michael Gayed, MW
Blame Apple for Your Portfolio's Rotten Returns - Lucinda Shen, Fortune
1959 Redux: Another Historic Market Moment? - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
Housing Bubble 2.0 - Are You Ready For This? - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
I Played Pokemon Go. Here's What It Is and Isn't. - Virginia Postrel, BV
Scary How Pokemon Go Makes Money Off You - David Dayen, Fiscal Times
Trump Surges, Hillary's Stock Seeks Bottom - Larry Kudlow, RCM
Trump/Pence, and the Coming Economic Boom - Paul Hoffmeister, BWR
Mexican Cement Maker Would Score If Trump Builds a Wall - Bloomberg
Calling Cadillac Tax a Lemon, Congress Moves to Kill ACA Core - Forbes
Friday, July 15
Buying Treasuries Riskier Than Stock Buys - Allan Sloan, Washington Post
Treasuries Hit Their Target: What Happens Now? - Ivan Martchev, MW
Everything You Need to Know About Investing in 5 Mins - Eric Nelson, SA
Bull Market You Haven't Seen - Burton, Chappatta & Gittelsohn, Bloomberg
Social Disruption to Follow Prolonged Stagnation - Jeffrey Snider, RCM
Why U.S. Retirees Aren't Running Out of Money - Andrew Biggs, Forbes
Uber's Not the Bad Boy, It's Just Misunderstood - James Quinn, Telegraph
Bad News, We're Using More Fossil Fuels Than Ever - Michael Klare, TN
Charts That Tell You All About Housing Market - Chris Matthews, Fortune
For Trump, Business Leaders More Elites to Resist - James Stewart, NYT
An Open Letter to Donald Trump From Technology Sector Executives -
The Pipe Dream That Is 'Free College' - Peter Morici, Washington Times
Trade/Immigration: Can the U.S. Handle the Truth? - Jennifer Rubin, WP
Rekindling The Unappreciated Spirit of Capitalism - Bartley Madden, IBD
Thursday, July 14
Death of Middle Class Is Worse Than You Think - Chris Matthews, Fortune
Is California Really World's 6th Largest Economy? - Carson Bruno, RCM
Proposed Tech Tax Would Bring San Fran Harm - Travis Brown, Forbes
Dodd-Frank Is Pretty Good, and Shouldn't Be Repealed - Editorial, USAT
Sorry, You're Just Going to Have to Save More Money - Jason Zweig, WSJ
Time to Think About Refinancing the Mortgage (Again) - Neil Irwin, NYT
Grappling With the Paradox of Theft - Todd Buchholz, Investor's Business
Wage-Increasing CEOs Sending Message - Daniel Gross, Strategy+Business
Does Retirement Feel Distant? You're Not Alone - Paul Katzeff, Investor's
Saving Too Much Can Make Retirement Unsatisfying - Chuck Jaffe, MW
Japan Confirms It Won't Do What's Awesome - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
No, Markets Are Not Taking Brexit in Stride - Ben Wright, Daily Telegraph
America Has Important Post-Brexit Role - Irwin Stelzer, Weekly Standard
Sometimes It's Hard for Owners to Talk to Companies - Matt Levine,BBW
Wednesday, July 13
How the Golden State Lost Its Luster - Edward Prescott & Lee Ohanian, SJM
Why We're Giving Our Employees a Raise - Jamie Dimon, New York Times
Working Classes v Smirking Classes - Daniel Hannan, Washington Examiner
Central Banks Have Sailed Us Where We Shouldn't Be - Tad Rivelle, TCW
Generational Low in U.S. and Global Bond Yields - Doug Kass, RealMoney
What the Oldest Market-Timing System Is Telling Us - Mark Hulbert, MW
The Death of Hedge Funds Is Greatly Exaggerated - Carleton English, NYP
World's Most Powerful Stock Pickers Don't Manage 1c - Andrea Tan, BBW
Retirees Need to Know Their Cost of Money Mgmt. - Bill Baldwin, Forbes
Competition in Tatters, Rip of Inequality Widens - Eduardo Porter, NYT
National Debt Is on Track to Reach 141% of GDP - John Merline, Investor's
Can 'Helicopter Ben' Save Japan? - Anthony Mirhaydari, The Fiscal Times
The Look of Racial Injustice In Economy - Jared Bernstein,Washington Post
Can Tech Innovation Stop Nuclear Terrorism? - Clifton Leaf, Fortune
Congress Should Watch 'Regulatory Dark Matter' - Wayne Crews, Forbes
Growth For All Financial Firms, Bailouts for None - Jeb Hensarling, USAT

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