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Thursday, June 30
The Simple Five Keys to a Trader's Survival - Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch
In a Free Market, the Price Is Right - Vance Fried, Investor's Business Daily
The Real Reason Startups Struggle for Investors - Promise Phelon, Fortune
Why Goldman Sachs Brings Back $1 Account - Stephen Mihm, Bloomberg
Trump Is Either Dishonest, or Staggeringly Ignorant - John Tamny, RCM
How a Sports Agent Revealed Biggest Financial Fraud - David Dayen,TNR
Retirement Planning for the Childless is Different - Alyssa Oursler, USAT
How 'Advantage Players' Game Casinos - Michael Kaplan, New York Times
1880s Explain Why Rich Moving to Cities - Emily Badger, Washington Post
What Will NYC Feel Like with 500k More People? - Justin Davidson, NYM
Most Powerful Force In News Doesn't Want to Be - Farhad Manjoo, NYT
How Amazon Triggered Robot Arms Race - Kim Bhasin & Patrick Clark, BW
Magical Thinking of the U.S.'s Pro-Brexit Right - James Pethokoukis, Week
Brexit Fear: Big Hoax, or Calm Before Storm? - Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Wednesday, June 29
Down-Payment Myth Stumps First-Time Homebuyers - Dave Linger, IBD
Lehman Was Not A Crisis, But 'Too Big to Fail' Was - Peter Wallison, RCM
How Men Make 'Economy' Totally Clueless - Malcolm Harris, New Republic
How to Calculate the Odds of Portfolio Disaster - William Baldwin, Forbes
Banking and the Laughable 'Money Multiplier' Myth - David Cribbin, RCM
Six Steps to a Bright, Post-Brexit Future - Matthew Lynn, Daily Telegraph
Brexit: Markets Have Nothing to Fear - Stephen Meyer, National Review
Brexit & Trump: Goodbye, Laissez-Faire - Eduardo Porter, New York Times
One Brexit Fix: Add the UK to NAFTA - Elizabeth MacDonald, Fox Business
Relax, the UK Is the Same Now As It Was Last Week - Troy Vincent, Mises
Jack Dorsey's Vision for Turning Chaos Into Conquest - Nick Bilton, VF
The Good Growth News at the Washington Post - Gabriel Sherman, NYM
Why U.S. Loves Wendy's & Sonic More Than McD's - Leo Sun, Motley Fool
Austin's Uber Debacle - Mike Godwin & Josiah Neeley, The Weekly Standard
This Town Has the Worst Inequality In America - Catey Hill, MarketWatch
Bursting Another Great American Bubble: High School - Amity Shlaes,BV
Tuesday, June 28
Dear Financial Advisers: Don't Let Brexit Spook You - Mark Hulbert, USA
Brexit Means Much Less Joy for Global Investors - Doug Kass, RealMoney
How Smart Money Got Brexit Vote Wrong - Daniel Gross,Strategy+Business
The Start of Brexit's Economic Disaster - Philippe Legrain, New York Times
How Markets Have Historically Responded to Shocks - Paul Katzeff, IBD
Brexit, and the Year of Living Improbably - Niall Ferguson, Boston Globe
How I Get 7th & 8th Graders to Buy In to Economics - Gale Mitchell, RCM
O's Greatest Legacy: Entrepreneurship - Vivek Wadhwa, Washington Post
Obama Fails to Rule Out Working on Wall Street - Ira Stoll, New York Sun
'Pro Growth' & Trump Is Very Wishful GOP Thinking - John Tamny, RCM
How Greens Increase Greenhouse Gases - Mark Perry, Washington Times
Is the Middle Class Moving on Up? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Book That Makes Understanding the Fed Easy - Jon Schweppe, Town Hall
How Zuckerberg Led Facebook's War on Google+ - Antonio Martinez, VF
Today's Capitalism Is Foreign to Me: Interview with Robert Reich - ABC
Monday, June 27
In Austin, Regulatory Solutions for Non-Problems - Kevin Williamson, NR
TX Rangers & the Horrors of Rising Gov't Revenues - John Tamny, Forbes
Brexit Is Anti-Market Rejection of Globalization - Larry Elliott, Guardian
Why Brexit Represents a Screaming Buy - Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch
Brexit Surprised a Lot of Hedge-Fund Moguls - Alexandra Stevenson, NYT
Brexit Won't Be 'Lehman Moment' So Many Fear - Ben Marlow, Telegraph
Why Brexit Is More About Entrance Than Exit - Roger Kimball, PJ Media
Friday's Dow Plunge Was 22% Brexit, 78% the Fed - Louis Woodhill, RCM
Trump/GOP Need Platform That Backs Brexit Gamble - Seth Lipsky, NYS
Trump/Clinton Push Radically Different Econ Cures - Al Hunt, Bloomberg
Anti-Deficit Lobby Cheers GOP Plan to Boost Deficit - Jonathan Chait, NY
Hillary Pleads for 4 More Years of Obama - Steve Moore, Washington Times
After You Paid Tab, Obama Wants to Hit You w/Tab - Tony Sayegh, RCM
We Need to Get Better About Selling Trade - Levy & McDaniel, Investor's
How Dem Convention Will Boost Philly's Economy - David Fiorenza, RCM
New Jersey's Pension Apocalypse Looming - Nicole Gelinas, New York Post
Primer on Pvt. Equity - Ben Protess & Ari Isaacman Bevacqua, New York Times
Sunday, June 26
Why the Dow Is Still Going Strong at 120 - John Prestbo, MarketWatch
Brexit Will Prove to Be the Great Escape - Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph
After Brexit: Buy Britain, Sell Europe - Matthew Lynn, MarketWatch
U.S. Won't Tank from Brexit Hit - Jonathan Trugman, New York Post
A Warning Shot Against Globalization - Schwartz & Cohen, New York Times
Who Wins from the Brexit Vote? China - Michael Schuman, Bloomberg
As Currencies Plunge on Brexit, Bitcoin Surges - Don Reisinger, Fortune
Plan to Save Puerto Rico Could Ruin It - David Dayen, The Fiscal Times
NYC Will Continue to Attract the Country's Richest - Greg Bresiger, NYP
The Battle of the Billionaire Rankings - Robert Frank, New York Times
Saturday, June 25
Brexit Is Good for Freedom, Growth & Great Britain - Larry Kudlow, NRO
How Brexit Horribly Blindsided Investors - Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch
Brexit-Driven Boom for Billionaires - Michelle Celarier, New York Magazine
Brexit Opponents Need to Look In Mirror - Ted Bromund, Weekly Standard
Given Brexit Shock, Response Has Been Tame - Lawrence Summers, CNBC
Did the Markets Overreact to "Brexit?" - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker
Sky Hasn't Fallen, But Lots of Work Remains - Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Worry About the Brexit Vote Is Way Overdone - Simon Constable, Forbes
What World Will Learn from Market Mess - Pankaj Ghemawat, Fortune
Investing In An Emotional Trust Fund For Your Kids - Paul Sullivan, NYT
Things Don't Have to Be So Darn Bad - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today
A Trump Presidency Is Very Unthinkable - Henry Paulson, Washington Post
No Lines in Venezuelan Supermarkets: I Know Why - Peter Wilson, USAT
Central Planners Should Back Away from Housing - Matt Rosenberg, Lens
Friday, June 24
U.S. Stocks Will Be Higher In A Year - Even w/Brexit - Mark Hulbert, MW
British Dreams of Swiss Miracle Look Like Fantasy - James Stewart, NYT
Bravo UK, Socialist EU Not the Source of Unity - Editorial, New York Sun
UK Asset Price Decline Signals Buying Opportunity - Jeremy Warner, DT
Face It, Autonomous Cars Better Than You Are - Bernard Meyerson, CNBC
Merrill Lynch Is Being Fined for Doing Nothing - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
SCOTUS Must Rule 'Net Neutrality' - Thomas Hazlett & Joshua Wright, RCM
Mandatory Retirement Savings: We May Be Ready - Penelope Wang, Time
Maybe Yellen Hasn't Changed, but We Have - Jeff Snider, RealClearMarkets
PA Taxpayers Can Rest Easy For Wrong Reasons - Travis Brown, Forbes
How Election Will Really Affect Your Investments - Taylor Tepper, Money
Be Serious Congress, Don't Ground Boeing's Iran Deal - Editorial, USAT
Deal That Only Makes Sense for Musk - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times
Is a Lack of Sleep Good for Business Success? - Sam Dean, Daily Telegraph
Candidates Take the Low Road on Free Trade - Christopher Baecker, FEE
Clinton Will Fix Obama's Economy With His Bad Policies - Editorial, IBD
A Rundown of American CEOs Supporting Clinton - Daniel Gross, Fortune
Why Most CEOs Don't Make Effective Politicians - David Davenport,Forbes
Thursday, June 23
Lending to Poor People Didn't Cause the Crisis - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
What Explain's the Fed's Rate About Face? - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Why You Shouldn't Discount O's Retail Hiring Boom - Jed Graham, IBD
Brexit Botch: Mutually Assured Destruction - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard,DT
Tom Woods vs. John Tamny on Fractional Banking - Tom Woods, TWS
Why Does This Texas Gas Station Pay So Well? - Kevin Williamson, NRO
The Scare to Healthcare Investors in the Election - David Bahnsen, Forbes
Health Care Creates Wage Inequality - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Why the Energy Industry Isn't Going Nuclear - Bill Loveless, USA Today
How to Protect Yourself From 'Elderscammers' - William Baldwin, Forbes
Style Timing & Legitimacy of Some Factor Strategies - Cliff Asness, SSRN
The Surprising Relevance of the Baltic Dry Index - Jeffrey Rothfeder, TNY
Tesla & Solar City Have Elon Musk Problem - Jen Wieczner, MarketWatch
Hillary's Message: 'Yes, I Can Fix Economy' - Neil Irwin, New York Times
Hillary's Attempt to Attack on the Economy Is Shameless - Editorial, NYP
Wednesday, June 22
Take It From a Divorcee: "Brexit" Will Cost You - Niall Ferguson, Spectator
Brexit Is the UK Version of the Trump Phenomenon - Annie Lowrey, NYM
Brexit: Lots of Overdone Hysteria About Very Little - John Tamny, RCM
Wall St. Tries Out Lots of Shiny New Objects - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
How to Join the Top 1% Income Club - Paul Katzeff, Investor's Business Daily
In 5 Words: Financial Advice for New Grads - Morgan Housel, Motley Fool
Law School Is Still a Solid Investment - Steven Davidoff, New York Times
Disney Pays Taxes, Why Not Apple? - David Cay Johnston, The Daily Beast
Today's Tax Code Is Failing the American People - Demian Brady, RCM
We Owe It To the U.S. To Impeach IRS Commissioner - Jim Jordan, USAT
Get Ready for Another Surpise: Trump Bows Out - Doug Kass, RealMoney
The Moody's Report Clinton's Using to Attack Trump - Niraj Chokshi, NYT
A Problem With Clinton Taking On a Wall Street Perk - Renae Merle, WP
Bankers Should Be Paid Little More Than Teachers - Jeremy Warner, DT
Individual Investors Are Selling: Time to Buy - Simon Constable, U.S. News
Tuesday, June 21
Thank You FedEx, For Standing Up to the Feds - Copland & Mangual, RCM
How Money Fears Could Swing Election - Carl Richards, New York Times
Experts Talk About Where to Invest $10,000 in 2016 - Various, Bloomberg
Obama Tells Whopper About Econ. Record - Michael Boskin, MarketWatch
Switzerland Mocks Monetarists, and "Money Supply" - John Tamny, RCM
Remain's Models Are Built on Poor Foundations - Roger Bootle, Telegraph
Why Uber Keeps on Raising Billions - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times
Investors Rejoice as Philippe Dauman Seems Cooked - William Cohan, VF
Job-Killing Red Tape Only for Them, No For Me - Veronique De Rugy, TAS
In Federal Government, All Workers Above Average - John Merline, IBD
TN's Tax Structure Brings $800 Million Payoff - Rex Sinquefield, Forbes
Private Jets Are Increasingly Best Way to Fly - David Fickling, Bloomberg
Paul Allen Builds World's Largest Plane - C. Davenport, Washington Post
How Fear Helps Gun Business Make a Killing - Evan Osnos, New Yorker
What R&D Execs Can Learn from Led Zeppelin - Margaret Heffernan, NYO
Monday, June 20
Why Don't Americans Take Vacation? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Throw Obamanomics Into History's Bin - Steve Moore, Washington Times
Coal Isn't Dying Because There's a War On It - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
Krugman & the Austrians Reveal Deficit Confusion - John Tamny, Forbes
The Fed's Policies Have Gotten It In Tangle - Jeff Sommer, New York Times
Enduring Myth of Central Bank Independence - Joe Chidley, National Post
Fearing 'Summer Shocks', Investors Hoarding - Sue Chang, MarketWatch
Fixing What's Wrong With Dodd-Frank, and That's a Lot - Editorial, IBD
Desperate Measures Only Add to NY Pension Perils - E.J. McMahon, NYP
Real Spending Increase Isn't an Output Increase - Donald Boudreaux, CH
Don't Believe Facebook On Written Word's Demise - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
EU Poll Is Not This Week's Only Market Mover - Tom Stevenson, Telegraph
What Brexiters and Trump Have in Common - Michael Wolff, USA Today
Expensive Law Degree, No Place to Use It - Noam Scheiber, New York Times

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