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Friday, December 19
5 Things To Ponder: Variegated Contemplations - StreetTalk Live
The Fairy Godmother Of The Bull Market - Dr. Ed's Blog
Yellen Finishes 2014 With A Win - The Reformed Broker
The Commercial Real Estate Boom Continues - Calafia Beach Pundit
Another Way Of Looking At Valuation - GaveKal Capital
Is The Fed Put Kaput? - Sigmund, Sigmund Holmes
Maybe Business Cycles Don't Exist - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
Considerable Time & Patience A Decade Ago - MacroMania
Job Growth & Crony Capitalism - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Do You Want To Be Right Or Make Money? - Pragmatic Capitalism
Thursday, December 18
Housing Bubble 2 Goes Nuts - Wolf Richter, Naked Capitalism
The Middle Class Is Just Fine - Michael Fletcher, Wonkblog
Do You Have A Case Of Get-Back-Itis? - YCharts
Crude Oil: Anatomy Of A Glut - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
It's Deja Vu All Over Again In Emerging Markets - Ben Carlson
The Margin Call From Hell - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
Red Flags Despite Fed Induced Rally - Michael Kahn, Barron's
5% Correction & The QE4 Talk Begins??? - Charlie Bilello
Janet Yellen Consults Mr. Language Person - Sigmund Holmes
Teen Jobs & The Dog That Didn't Bark - Political Calculations
Will The Fed Be Patient Enough? - Matt O'Brien, Wonkblog
Wednesday, December 17
Beavers: They Must Be Stopped - Scott Sumner, The Money Illusion
The First Casualty Of A Bear Market - The Reformed Broker
How The Market Stole Christmas - Macro Man
IPO Market At A Loss - Dan McCrum, FT Alphaville
The Laffer Curve At 40 Years - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
Government Shouldn't Play Santa Claus - John Stossel, Reason
Ultimate Stock Pickers' Top Holdings - Morningstar
Checkmate, Putin. Russia's Catch-22 - Matt O'Brien, Wonkblog
How Big Will This Correction Be? - Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live
Walls Of Worry Update - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
What Did the Fed Do with 'Considerable' In 2004? - Steil & Walker, ConFR
Teenage Dream - Sigmund, Sigmund Holmes
Tuesday, December 16
Sentiment Only Matters At Extremes - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
The Next Crisis Will Be Different From The Last - Acting Man
Is Oil Too Big To Fail? - David Llewellyn-Smith, Naked Capitalism
The Crude Reality In Oil - Erik Swarts, Market Anthropology
How Cheap Oil Changes The Keystone Calculus - FT Alphaville
Sorry, Putin. Russia's Economy Is Doomed - Matt O'Brien, Wonkblog
What Starlings Can Teach Us About Markets - StreetTalk Live
Return Of The Bond Vigilantes - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
Beware Of Sharp Falling Objects - Sigmund, Sigmund Holmes
A Lesson In Market Crashes - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
Peter Boockvar: Dear Federal Reserve... - The Reformed Broker
Monday, December 15
Why Are Commodity Prices Falling? - Project Syndicate
Oil Prices & Global Economic Conditions - James Hamilton
The American Industrial Boom - Scott Sumner, The Money Illusion
The Oddly Subdued Optimism About Cheaper Oil - FT Alphaville
The Energy Bubble - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Is $40 Oil Coming? - Paul Ausick, 24/7 Wall Street
Don't Pay Attention To Pundits, Especially Me - Sigmund Holmes
Welcome To The New New Normal - The Capital Spectator
Europe's Not As Cheap As You Think - GaveKal Capital
Stock Market Tail Wags The Fed Dog - Pension Partners
Prepare For The Coming Japanese Boom - Peter Tasker, FT
Friday, December 12
Funds: Reliably Unreliable - Buttonwood, Buttonwood's Notebook
Oil Not The Only Commodity To Crash - The Reformed Broker
TIPS See More Growth, Less Inflation - Calafia Beach Pundit
Turning Up The Heat In Europe - Erik Swarts, Market Anthropology
Would You Loan Money To This Guy? - Bill McBride, Calculated Risk
Momo Loses Its Mojo - Sigmund, Sigmund Holmes
Why Wall Street Loves The Spending Bill - The Atlantic
It's The Waiting Part That's Hard - Above The Market
Is Technology Making Us Worse Investors? - Pragmatic Capitalism
Shale Oil Is Breaking OPEC's Neck - Peter Coy and Matthew Philips, BW
3 Things Worth Thinking About - Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live
Top 10 Economic Predictions For 2015 - Ansuya Harjani, CNBC
Thursday, December 11
Strong Dollar Hits US Corporate Profits - Eric Platt, Financial Times
What To Say About Lending Club At Parties - FT Alphaville
Do Pundits Know Anything About Oil? - Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight
Recession Risk In China Rising - Ironman, Political Calculations
A Pocket Of Cheapness - Christine Benz, Morningstar
Just Say No To Margin Debt - David Merkel, The Aleph Blog
10 Investing Rules From Legendary Investors - StreetTalk Live
Some Consequences Of The Oil Crash - Global Macro Monitor
Commodity Prices: Down But Not Cheap - Calafia Beach Pundit
Crude Oil: How Bearish Are You? - Tiho, The Short Side Of Long
The Tyranny Of Free Markets - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners
Finally, A Real Test For The Bulls - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Wednesday, December 10
Outrageous Predictions From Saxo Bank - Sara Sjolin, MarketWatch
The Rise Of Rich Man's Subprime - Joshua Brown, Fortune
Oil Price Drop Not Affecting US Drilling - Yet - Naked Capitalism
My Educated Guesses About 2015 - Ivan Hoff, Ivanhoff Capital
Flat: A Warning From The Yield Curve? - GaveKal Capital
Who You Gonna Believe? Me Or The Bond Market? - Sigmund
This Time Is The Same - David Stockman, Contra Corner
The ECB Boiler Room, Part 2 - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners
A Force Awakens In The Market - Paul Vigna, MoneyBeat
Bias Blindness Explained - Robert Seawright, Above The Market
Tuesday, December 9
Jack Bogle: Active Investor In Passive Clothing - Cullen Roche
Warning: The Silent Crash In Commodities - Ron Insana, CNBC
The Fed Is About To Make A Big Mistake - Free Exchange
China's New "$4 Trillion Stimulus" - David Keohane, FT Alphaville
2008 Redux: The Dollar & Commodities - Market Anthropology
A Year Of Divergence - Mohamed El-Erian, Project Syndicate
Earnings & Accounting Magic - Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live
History Doesn't Repeat, But... - Sigmund, Sigmund Holmes
Oil & Banks: As Prices Fall, Risks Rise - John Schoen, CNBC
Stocks & The Gloomy Yield Curve - Calafia Beach Pundit
Things Are So Bad They're Good - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners

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