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Friday, July 29
Why Main St. Isn't Buying Obama's Economy - Real Investment Advice
Why Tax Havens Are Economic Disasters - Brooke Harrington, The Atlantic
This Is Nuts. But Cheer Up? - David Keohane, FT Alphaville
The Implications Of A Weaker Yuan - Eric Bush, GaveKal Capital
A Crude Look At Oil - Macro Man
Do Unconventional Monetary Policies Work? - Naked Capitalism
Thursday, July 28
Why The Fed Should Just Sell Some Bonds - Macro Man
Why The Fed Is Rethinking Everything - Ylan Mui, Wonkblog
The Doom Loop That Could Doom The Eurozone - Knowledge@Wharton
Clinton Cash - John Stossel, Reason
One Of The Most Contrarian Bets Around Today - The Brooklyn Investor
1929 vs 2000 - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
The Big Risks In Long Term Bonds - James Mackintosh, Streetwise
A Bright Spot For Dividends & The Economy - Political Calculations
Elections, Recessions & The Fed - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Yield Curve & Recession: It's Different This Time - Ian Talley, RTE
Wednesday, July 27
Red Flags Everywhere With This Hedge Fund - Ben Carlson
The Very Good News In Apple's Dismal Quarter - Kevin Kelleher, TIME
Who Bought Stocks After 2008? - John Rekenthaler, Morningstar
No Remorse - Scott Sumner, EconLog
Return Is Not A Function Of Yield - David Keohane, FT Alphaville
The Canary That Lays The Recession Egg - The Reformed Broker
Tuesday, July 26
Why NGDP Futures Targeting Won't Work - Pragmatic Capitalism
Can Two Internet Relics Become Relevant? - The Atlantic
Is Hillary Clinton Trying To Lose The Election? - Brett Arends
This Market Contradiction Cannot Last - James Mackintosh, Streetwise
3 Asian Tigers Roaring Higher - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Jeremy Grantham's Strategy Gets Tested - Institutional Investor
For Faster Economic Growth, Release The Brakes - A. Barton Hinkle
How To Trade President Trump/Clinton - David Keohane, FT Alphaville
Monday, July 25
The Downside Of Being Happy - Ana Swanson, Wonkblog
50 Things I Pretend To Know As I Near 50 - James Altucher
The Reckless Lunge For Yield - Jason Zweig, The Intelligent Investor
The Future Is Still Bright! - Bill McBride, Calculated Risk
Bonds Don't Like Positive Surprises - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Cotton, Coercion & Capitalism - Jacob Levy, Reason
The Fed's Delicate Psyche - Scott Sumner, EconLog
Politics And Your Money - Wade Slome, Investing Caffeine
Friday, July 22
What Trump Would Mean For Gold - William Watts, MarketWatch
The Good Side Of Pessimism - Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism
Can You Accurately Time The Business Cycle? - The Capital Spectator
The Strategy Tax - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
Get "Real" On Gold Fever - Erik Swarts, Market Anthropology
A Myth That Just Won't Seem To Die - Real Investment Advice
The Rise Of Zero Sum Economics - Sandwichman, EconoSpeak
Trump Shatters The Reagan Consensus - Jim Tankersley, Wonkblog
Donald Trump: The Bernie Madoff Of Politics - MarketWatch
How To Solve Our Growth Problem - Christian Science Monitor
Thursday, July 21
Supersonic Helicopters - Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville
Why People Don't Forecast Recessions - Buttonwood's Notebook
This Market Quacks Like A Platypus - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Ignoring Politicians - John Stossel, Reason
Good Question, Great Question - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
Ten Things I Think I Think - Macro Man
Uh-Oh: Credit Risks Are Rising - Rupert Hargreaves, Value Walk
More Signs Of Economic Improvement - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
Wednesday, July 20
Brexit's Bitter Irony - Michael Arone, State Street Advisors
Stocks & The Gold-Silver Ratio - Jennifer Thomson, GaveKal Capital
Who's Selling Bonds? - Doug Ramsey, Advisor Perspectives
Same Data, Different Message - Steven Saville, The Speculative Investor
Trump Rally? Good Politics, Bad Investment Advice - Wonkblog
It's 1998 All Over Again - Joseph Cotterill, FT Alphaville
Why The Fed Can't & Shouldn't Raise Rates - Tim Duy, Bloomberg
The Smooth Recovery - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
Tuesday, July 19
Why US Companies Suddenly Love Workers - The Atlantic
Why Older Investors Need More Stocks - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
Unburdening The Facebook Generation - Mohamed El-Erian
Who's The Next Prez? The Market Knows - John Kimelman, Barron's
Republicans Embrace Glass-Steagall, The Sequel - Financial Times
A $40 Million Business In A Town Of 3000 - Leigh Buchanan, Inc.

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