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Tuesday, May 3
How Much Are Those Dividends Costing You? - Mebane Faber Research
Dollar Bulls Have Nothing Left But Hope - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Jumping On The Minimum Volatility Bandwagon - The Reformed Broker
10 Things I Learned From Tony Hawk - James Altucher
Why $19 Trillion In Debt Is A Problem - Real Investment Advice
Still More Encouraging Developments - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
Monday, May 2
It's May. Now What? - Macro Man
Are Millennials Doomed To Low Returns? - A Wealth Of Common Sense
Japan's Catastrophic Yen Quake - Scott Sumner, EconLog
This Tech Bubble Is Bursting - Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal
This Ponzi Scheme Is Bullish - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Don't Use The CAPE Ratio - Mebane Faber Research
America's One Trick Pony Economy - Robert Johnson, Morningstar
What Comes Down, Must Go Up - Plamen Monovski, Beyondbrics
Goes Down Double Speed - David Merkel, The Aleph Blog
America's 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets -
Friday, April 29
5 Charts That Explain The Gold Rush - David Mazza, SPDR Blog
The Massive Company Hidden Inside Amazon - Alex Fitzpatrick, TIME
Elon Musk, Crony Capitalist - Veronique de Rugy, Reason
Gold & Negative Interest Rates - Dan Popescu, Acting Man
Why Technical Analysis Matters - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Why The Delay, Ms. Yellen? - The Economist
What Pawnbrokers Can Teach Central Bankers - Gillian Tett, FT
Thursday, April 28
Are We Too Dependent On Capital Gains? - Izabella Kaminska
Once Again, The Fed Was Wrong - Scott Sumner, EconLog
Another Weak Quarter For US GDP - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
The New Bond Market Reality - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
What the Fed Statement Signals, and Why - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg
The End Of A Golden Age - Brett Arends, MarketWatch
China's Austrian Problem - Tim Worstall, Forbes
Oil Rigs Shut Down, Jobs Pain Spreads - Anna Louise Sussman, RTE
The Economic Slowdown Reaches Apple - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra
Edgier Markets Are Here To Stay - Richard Madigan, Financial Times
Wednesday, April 27
Millennials Hate Capitalism...And Socialism - Elizabeth Brown, Reason
A Catastrophic Period For High Fee Managers - Pragmatic Capitalism
Teetering At The Edge Of Recession - Ironman, Political Calculations
The Slowdown Is Consumer Driven - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners
When Mediocrity Trumps Brilliance - A Wealth Of Common Sense
Time To Sell Energy/Oil? - Lance Roberts, Real Investment Advice
The Prince, The Fund, The Firm - Joseph Cotterill, FT Alphaville
Time For The Normal & Moderate To Stand Up - Chris Patten
Why Regulators Are Warming To Blockchains - Caitlin Long, Alt-M
Tuesday, April 26
Mind The Stock/Bond Gap - Macro Man
Most Millennials Now Reject Capitalism - Max Ehrenfreund, Wonkblog
Sentiment Is The New Fundamentals - The Reformed Broker
The .400 Hitter & The Investment Superstar - Above The Market
The Dollar & International Stocks - Todd Sullivan, Value Walk
The Founding Fathers & Inequality - Alana Semuels, The Atlantic
Market Losses Happen; Get Over It - A Wealth Of Common Sense
Hillary Clinton Discovers Welders - Ira Stoll, Reason
I Hate This Market, I Love This Market - James Mackintosh, Streetwise
Troubling Signs For Big Tech Stocks - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Japan's Market Whale Keeps Growing - Bloomberg
Monday, April 25
Why The Saudis Killed Doha - Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism
The Investment Pet Rock Strikes Back - Pater Tenebrarum, Acting Man
The Revenge Of Globalization's Losers - Wolfgang Munchau
How To Find $2 Million - James Altucher
Why Diversification Matters - Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street
Market Urbanism In Houston - Scott Sumner, EconLog
The Problem With Modern Macro - Angus, Kids Prefer Cheese
Bad Management Can't Survive The Internet - The Reformed Broker
A Truce In The Currency Wars? - Buttonwood's Notebook

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