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Friday, December 9
An Old Indicator Flashes Bright Red - Brett Arends, MarketWatch
Trump's Tariffs Would Make Us Poorer - Mark Perry, Carpe Diem
Why Trade Deficits Matter - Jared Bernstein, The Atlantic
Is This The Next Crisis? - John Cochrane, The Grumpy Economist
How To Invest In A Populist World - David Keohane, FT Alphaville
Is The Yale Model Broken? - Alexandra DeLuca, AI-CIO
Thursday, December 8
The US Dollar Bull Market Is Over - Dominic Frisby, Money Week
A Dow Theory Buy Signal - Jeff Hirsch, Almanac Trader
Should Indexing Be Regulated? - James Picerno, The Capital Spectator
Corporate Taxes In Trump World - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Repeating All The Mistakes Of The Great Depression - EconLog
Boeing, Trade Policy & Trump Tweeting - Pro Growth Liberal, EconoSpeak
Wednesday, December 7
Diversification Is No Fun - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
How Many US Jobs Were Lost To Globalization? - FT Alphaville
Are Rising Bond Yields A Bullish Economic Sign? - James Picerno
US Market Cap Dominance At A 15 Year High - Jennifer Thomson, GaveKal
Saudi Arabia Surrenders To US Shale - Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism
Passive Investors' Pain Is About To Begin - Conor Sen, Bloomberg
Trump Makes America & Mexico Poorer - Don Boudreaux
Tuesday, December 6
We're Going To Need More Mexicans - Rex Nutting, MarketWatch
The Dumbest Thing Batman Ever Said - Bryan Caplan, EconLog
The "Market" Is Down Since The Election - Pragmatic Capitalism
Welcome To Trumptopia - Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker
Where To Find Yield Now - Michael Kahn, Barron's
The Costs Of Protecting 800 Jobs - Keith Hennessey
Monday, December 5
The Dark Omen Of Those Dow 19,000 Hats - The Atlantic
Is The Trump Rally Turning Into A Bubble? - Sue Chang, MarketWatch
TrumpCare Will Be Better Than ObamaCare - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
Trump's Carrier Deal Could Improve US Capitalism - Steven Pearlstein
Can You Stick To The Permanent Portfolio? - The Irrelevant Investor
Dividends: Good News/Bad News For US Economy - Political Calculations
Friday, December 2
A Very, Very Lucky Treasury Secretary - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
The Idiotic School Of Export Mercantilism - Veronique de Rugy, Reason
Theranos: A Pseudo-Science Whistleblower Story - Political Calculations
Does The Buck Stop Soon? - James Mackintosh, Streetwise
The Carrier Deal & The Peso - Pro Growth Liberal, EconoSpeak
Uber: A Charity Case In Disguise - Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville
Thursday, December 1
Can Trump Really Drain The Swamp? - John Stossel, Reason
"The Best People" - Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker
Corporate Profits Are Still Healthy - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
Employment Is Going South - Dietrich Vollrath, Growth Econ
Private Investment Is At Recessionary Levels - Eric Bush, GaveKal
10 Cheap High Quality Dividend Payers - Karen Wallace, Morningstar
Wednesday, November 30
Can Markets All Be Wrong About Trump? - James Mackintosh, Streetwise
"An Oasis Of Blankness" - FT Alphaville
We're All Populists Now - Ed Yardeni, Dr. Ed's Blog
Stocks For The Really Long Term - Macro Man
Closing The Obama Growth Gap - Scott Grannis, Calafia Beach Pundit
The Pillars Of The Current Stock Rally - Jeff Hirsch, Almanac Trader
Tuesday, November 29
A New Opportunity for Monetary Reform - John Taylor, Economics One
Get Ready To Pounce On The Pullback - Michael Kahn, Barron's
Something I Am Worried About - Ben Carlson, A Wealth Of Common Sense
The Recounts Matter To The Market - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
Missing The Big Economic Picture - J. Bradford DeLong, Project Syndicate
Bubble Risk Outweighs Recession Risk - Credit Writedowns

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