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Friday, December 2
A Dark Day In Europe Sunday? - David Dodwell, South China Morning Post
Europe Braces For the Italy Vote - Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations
Preventing Eurozone Crisis Starts Now - Jean Pisani-Ferry, ProjectSyndicate
The Surest Measure of How China's Losing - Derek Scissors, RealClearWorld
Trump's Treasury Pick Is a Lucky Man. (*Very) - Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica
Obamacare RIP: GOP Finally Has a Plan - Edward Morrissey, Fiscal Times
Why the Stock Market Is Stacked Against Trump - Shawn Tully, Fortune
Emerging Market Winners and Losers After Trump - Gary Shilling, BV
65% Chance U.S. Stock Market Rises in 2017 - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
Want Groceries in Venezuela? First Stop at Six ATMs - Bloomberg News
Thursday, December 1
OPEC Oil Deal Sells Fake News for Real Money - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
How Putin Got the OPEC Deal Done - Hafezi/Zhdannikov/El Gamal, Reuters
Why a Strengthening Dollar Is Bad for World Economy - The Economist
December Day of Reckoning In Europe - Philipp Ther, Project Syndicate
What Happens If Italy Votes No Sunday? - Andrea Montanino, MarketWatch
How Did Donald Trump Get Carrier to Stay? - Bradner/Isidore, CNNMoney
Trump Chopping Block: Mortgage Interest Deduction - Diana Olick, CNBC
Jack Bogle on the Trump Trade: Ignore the Short-Term Market - MW
21 Best Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes Prez - Jen Wieczner, Fortune
The Three Best Dividend Growth ETFs for 2017 - Brett Owens, Forbes
A Reckoning at Wharton, Trump's Alma Mater - Katia Porzecanski, BBW
Wednesday, November 30
$15 MinWage? McDonald's Unveils Job-Killing Kiosks - Ed Rensi, Forbes
Washington Can't Fix Economy - Marc Levinson, Harvard Business Review
Amazon's Stranglehold on the U.S. Economy - Emily Peck, Huffington Post
Don't Get Your Hopes Up About U.S. Home Prices - Megan McArdle, BV
U.S. More Dependent On China Than Trump Knows - Yanis Varoufakis, PS
UK Stress Test Sorts Banks Into Good, Bad & Ugly - George Hay, Reuters
Why Bulls Will Stay In Charge of the Market - Howard Gold, MarketWatch
Portfolio Changes To Make Before Trump Takes Office - Ken Kam, Forbes
Why This 'Apple Optimist' Is Getting Nervous - Michael Yoshikami, CNBC
Goldman: Trump Presidency Will Benefit Almost All Stocks - Bloomberg
Curious Connections: Trump + Goldman Sachs - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Tuesday, November 29
Oil Could Plunge to $25 as OPEC Deal Hopes Die - John Kilduff, CNBC
India Pulls 86% of Its Cash Out of Circulation. It's Not Going Well - Vox
Zimbabwe's New Quasi-Currency Fails Smell Test - George Hay, Reuters
Greece Isn't 'Crying Wolf' on Debt Relief - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Will Trump's Plan Really Boost US Demand? - Martin Feldstein, Project Syn
'Trumpflation' Is Coming. Everyone Knows It - Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes
Trumponomics Gets a Big Wall St. Thumbs Up - Heather Long, CNNMoney
Skeptic Speculators Will Likely Regret It - Kevin Marder, MarketWatch
Is DirecTV What The "Cord Cutters" Have Been Waiting For? - Forbes
Why Next Year's iPhone Will Be So Cool It Will Break Records - Fortune
This Is the Hardest Place in America to Get a Mortgage - Evie Liu, MW
Monday, November 28
What Lies Behind the Trump Surge - Mohamed El-Erian, Project Syndicate
Buffett's Best Valuation Measure Is Flashing Danger - John Reese, CNBC
It's a Mistake to Predict Doom for Bull Markets - Sam Ro, Business Insider
Three Tailwinds Will Buoy Global Stocks - Robinson and Verma, Bloomberg
The Market's Next Headache: China Tightening - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Is The Great Global Yield Chase Really All Over? - Peter Tchir, Forbes
There's a Trumpnado In the Bond Market - Ivan Martchev, MarketWatch
Can Donald Trump Really Rebuild America? - David Millward, Telegraph
Saudis Believe Trump Will Unleash US Economy - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Top 3 Global Winners & Losers in Trump Presidency - Josh Cohen, Reuters
Cyber Monday Deals Run Wild as Retailers Battle Mighty Amazon - MW
Retire? Boomers and Gen X-ers Are Worried - Rodney Brooks, Wash Post
Tuesday, November 22
$100B Chinese-Made City 'Scares Hell Out of Everybody' - Bloomberg
China Trade War May Be Fight Trump Couldn't Win - Eduardo Porter, NYT
In Trump Versus China, Everyone Can Win - Christopher Balding, BV
Worst-Case with Trump Happening In Brazil - Max Ehrenfreund, Wonkblog
Donald Trump and the Sense of Power - Robert Shiller, Project Syndicate
Market Euphoria Forgets Scary Campaign Promises - Matt Egan, CNN
Don't Blame Dollar When Trump Rally Is Crushed - Mark DeCambre, MW
If The Dow Closes Above 19,000, Expect More Upside - Eric Chemi, CNBC
Trump Effects Might Reach To Finance Theory - Edward Hadas, Reuters
Why Trump Could Spell End of Net Neutrality - Mathew Ingram, Fortune
4 Ways to Achieve That Magic Retirement Number - John Wasik, Forbes

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