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Friday, July 22
A Monetary Cocaine Stock Market - David Stockman, Contra Corner
I Urge You Not To Abandon The Stock Market - Jim Cramer, Tumblr
The Absolute Worst Reason To Be Bullish On Stocks - Mark Hulbert, MW
This Bull Market Is Powered by Your Indifference - Barry Ritholtz, BV
Investors No Longer Respect Valuations - Thomas Kee, MarketWatch
Gold? It's Got a $9.2 Trillion Tailwind - David Fickling, BloombergGadfly
Trump --> Fear Mongering Over Economic Promise - Gina Chon, Reuters
Freaked Out by Trump 'Fearmongering' --> Farcical - Jake Novak, CNBC
The Election Day Economy? Probably Pretty Good - Ben Casselman, 538
Roger Ailes Is Out .. Now Come the Aftershocks - Brian Stelter, CNNMoney
Tennessee Becomes Income-Tax-Free State No. 8 - Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes
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Thursday, July 21
Why I Quit All Social Media Last Friday - Kelly Evans, CNBC
Facebook Worth $1 Trillion? Not So Crazy - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
The Global Economy's Hesitation Blues - Robert Shiller, Project Syndicate
BIS Reveals Biggest Threat to Global Financial System - John Mauldin
Investors Are Keeping Their Money in Cash - Maria LaMagna, MarketWatch
Could India Be First to Get Rid of Cash? - Mihir Sharma, Bloomberg View
Light-Bulb Moment For Explaining Stock Market Behavior - ScienceDaily
Gas Prices to End 'Dumb Money' Stock Rally? - A. Mirhaydari, Fiscal Times
Why the VW Profit Rebound May Run Out of Gas - Olaf Storbeck, Reuters
The Strange Politics of Peter Thiel - Lizette Chapman & Max Chafkin, BBW
The Salary Chronicles: How I Doubled My Salary - Erica Gellerman, Forbes
Wednesday, July 20
Companies Sitting On $75 Trillion Time Bomb? - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Are Markets Hooked on Low Rates? - John Divine, US News & World Report
Caution Advised, Potential Bull Trap Is In Play - Adam Koos, MarketWatch
The Year of the Gun - Scott Fearon, Crown Capital Management
'Iron Man' Elon Musk Wages War On Too Many Fronts - Rob Cox, Reuters
The Scary Republican Plan to Restore Glass-Steagall - Paula Dwyer, BV
Social Security Ran $6T Deficit No One Noticed - Laurence Kotlikoff, Forbes
Hungry Venezuelans Crying at Sight of Food - Patrick Gillespie, CNNMoney
Too Hot to Work? It Could Cost The Global Economy Trillions - Quartz
Inside the High-Profile Downfall of a $8 Billion Hedge Fund - Bloomberg
Tuesday, July 19
How to Quit the Rat Race & Retire Early - Andrea Coombes, Marketwatch
Buy Foreclosed Home for $1,000. Sell for $70,000. Repeat - Bloomberg
Capitalism Is In New Era: Historic Returns Gone Forever - John Mauldin
It's a Scary World, Except for Defense Companies - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
16 Dividend Stocks to Consider As Rates Fall Toward Zero - MarketWatch
Who'll Be the Next Prez? The Market Knows - John Kimelman, Barron's
Why Trump's Prosperous Supporters Are Angry, Too - Tyler Cowen, BV
Trump Gets It On Trade -- Hillary Clinton Does Not - Dan DiMicco, CNBC
We Need More Europe -- And Less Brussels - Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate
Yes, London Will Survive Britain's Big EU Rift - Dominic Elliott, Reuters
Don't Panic: The 7 Things To Do After Getting Fired - Jean Chatzky, Forbes
Monday, July 18
What Next? Could France Be Facing Civil War? - Jonathan Miller, CNBC
Turkey Will Pay High Price for Its Instability - Swaha Pattanaik, Reuters
A Desperate Mother's Nightmare In Venezuela - Fabiola Zerpa, Bloomberg
Why Oil Prices Might Never Recover - Arthur Berman,
Unburdening the Facebook Generation - Mohamed El-Erian, Project Synd.
$15 Minimum Wage? No Jobs For Cashiers - Panos Mourdoukoutas, Forbes
Big Tobacco Gets Crushed by Tiny Uruguay - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Throwing Shade on New Market Highs - Anthony Mirhaydari, Fiscal Times
Never Have I Seen So Much Bearishness - Bill Ehrman, Invest Accordingly!
U.S. Is Best House In Bad Neighborhood - Jonathan Aberman, Wash Post
The Dow Will Have to Hit 150,000 Before You Can Retire - MarketWatch
Friday, July 15
Why Terrorists Keep Succeeding in France - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
Jeff Bezos' Quest to Conquer the World - Alexander Nazaryan, Newsweek
Here's Why the Stock Market May Surge Even More - John Wasik, Forbes
Byron Wien: There's Going To Be An Earnings Problem - Business Insider
Do You Know How Much You Can Afford to Lose? - Rob Isbitts, MW
Now Is the Time to Rebalance as U.S. Stocks Surge - Tom Anderson, CNBC
The Bond Market Still Thinks Brexit Is Bad - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg
Good News: 100,000 Oil Jobs Could Be Coming Back - Matt Egan, CNN
What's the Problem With Protectionism? - Barry Eichengreen, Project Synd
If You Want to Destroy Your Career, Just Do This - Steve Tobak, Forbes
Stress Literally Shrinks Your Brain: 7 Ways To Reverse Damage - Forbes
Thursday, July 14
Top Investors Ring Alarm As Markets Hit New Highs - Bloomberg
There Is Something Negative Lurking in Plain Sight - Ylan Mui, Wonkblog
BlackRock's Fink: Stock Market Shouldn't Be At Record Highs - CNBC
Bond Traders See Helicopters Loaded With Money - Mark Gilbert, BV
Three "Red Flags" US Housing Is Starting to Roll Over - Tyler Durden, ZH
The 10 Most Overbought Stocks in S&P 500 - Brett Golden, MarketWatch
Nintendo Augmented Shares Reflect New Reality - Quentin Webb, Reuters
A Safer Approach To Retirement Income Planning - Wade Pfau, Forbes
Economy In Trouble, China Steps Up Crackdown - Ralph Jennings, Forbes
The Return of Ireland's Housing Bubble - Stefan Gerlach, Project Syndicate
3 Reasons Why BOE Surprised Markets - Mohamed El-Erian, Yahoo Finance
CoiffeurGate: Francois Hollande's Hairdresser Bill Shocks World - CNN
Wednesday, July 13
Could 'Pokemon GO' Propel Alphabet Past Apple? - Peter Cohan, Forbes
Elon Musk's Pedestal Is Crumbling - Therese Poletti, MarketWatch
The Irresistible Rise of British Prime Minister Theresa May - Economist
Dow 20,000 Is Coming This Year, And Here's Why - Annie Pei, CNBC
What Will Cause Next Stock Market Crash? - Chris Vermeulen, TheStreet
Market Is Hastening a Future That Terrifes Wall Street - Linette Lopez, BI
Millennials Need a New Housing Bubble - Conor Sen, Bloomberg View
Dismantling Dodd-Frank Is a Trump Distraction - Rob Cox, Reuters
This Is Steve Cohen's Billion Dollar Trait - Julia La Roche, Yahoo Finance
11 Surprising Jobs Where You Can Earn Over $100,000 a Year - CNBC
The Richest Generation in US History Keeps Getting Richer - Bloomberg
Tuesday, July 12
The Venezuela 'Death-Watch' Continues - Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes
China's Dubious Land Grab in the South China Sea - Justin Fox, BV
History Hints Leaving Europe Is Great for Britain - Manuel Hinds, Quartz
Why Starbucks & JPMorgan Gave Workers Raises - Steve Goldstein, MW
The Full Transcript of Charles Koch's Interview - The Editors, Fortune
Fat Tails and Expecting the Unexpected - Charlie Bilello, Tumblr
It's Only a Matter Of Time Before The Global Melt Up - Avi Gilburt, MW
Tech Deal Reboot Reveals Valuation Disconnect - Jeffrey Goldfarb, Reuters
Uber Hasn't Killed Taxi Industry After All - Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance
Success Isn't a Matter of Luck, It's an Algorithm - Francesco Marconi, CNBC
Top 10 Stupid Retirement Tricks (Don't Do It) - Judy McNary, Investopedia

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