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Friday, October 9
Jim Chanos: The Obama Economy Is Amazing! - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
The 'Icahn Bottom'? Where His Call for Doom Stands - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Chart of the Week: Annual Stock Market Returns - Irrelevant Investor
The Global Markets Doom and Gloom Report - John Kimelman, Barron's
Nasdaq Crosses Above Key Support Line, Or Did It? - Paul Whitfield, IBD
Buried in The Minutes: Big Downgrade to the Economy - Greg Robb, MW
The Dumbest Thing You Will Read Today... Maybe Ever - Zero Hedge
I Moved My Retirement Money and Lived to Tell About It - Bloomberg
$70K Minimum Wage 'Experiment' Reveals a Dark Truth - Cheat Sheet
The Minimum Wage: How Much Is Too Much? - Alan Krueger, NY Times
How to Avoid the 'Lifestyle Inflation' Trap - Mandi Woodruff, Yahoo
Why We Should Just Nationalize Facebook - Jeff Spross, The Week
Fear and Loathing in Silicon Valley - Dan Primack, Fortune
Thursday, October 8
10 Signs That Stocks Are Way Overpriced - Doug Kass,
Not So Rosy: A Very Junky Rally - Michael Batnick, The Irrelevant Investor
6 Reasons to Stop Panicking about Stocks - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
Recession? No Cassandra, It's Just a Correction - Jack Bouroudjian, CNBC
Why October Is the Worst Month for Investors - Dani Burger, Bloomberg
How Amazon/Apple/Google/ Crush Competition in the US - Fiscal Times
Bill Gross: It's All PIMCO's Fault! - Julia La Roche & Linette Lopez, BI
FOMC Minutes: Fed Feared Rate Hike's Impact on Inflation - Fox Biz
China's Tyrannical New 'Credit Score' System a Warning to U.S. - Week
Is Obamacare Good for the Middle Class? - John Goodman, Forbes
T. Boone: Russia the "New Sheriff" in the Mideast - Matt Belvedere, CNBC
Decoding the Saudi's Strategy in Oil Price War - Gaurav Agnihotri, OilPrice
Triumph of the Absurd and Useless - Morgan Housel, Motley Fool
Wednesday, October 7
Glencore (The Next Lehman Has Arrived) - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Disregard Dow Theory At Your Own Peril - Schannep & Schannep, MW
If Stocks Rally, These 8 Stocks Should Surge - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
Saving the World? Bernanke's Balderdash - David Stockman, Contra Corner
China Has No Plan to Deal With Its Achilles Heel - Luke Kawa, Bloomberg
Apple's Cash Pile 99% Smaller Than You Think - Brett Arends, Marketwatch
Facebook Is Following You (You Knew That Right?) - Megan McArdle, BV
Volkswagen and the Future of Honesty - Peter Singer, Project Syndicate
Wal-Mart Is Just Shy Of Target On The Gun Front - Rob Cox, Reuters
Ever Wonder Why Fantasy Football Is Legal? - Chris Isidore, CNNMoney
How Successful People Make Smart Decisions - Travis Bradberry, Forbes
48 Of The Best Hockey Players on Wall Street - Julia La Roche, Biz Insider
Tuesday, October 6
Housing Today: A "Bubble Larger Than 2006" - Diana Olick, CNBC
Bill Gross: Capitalism 'Can't Survive' at 0% Rates - Matt Egan, CNN
It Looks Like Free Money Is Available in the Credit Market - Bloomberg
In Praise of the Dead (Investors) - John Rekenthaler, Morningstar
High Yield, Future Tension? - Brett Steenbarger, Forbes
What Oil Does to Profit Margins - Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker
All Eyes Will Be on One Tech IPO This Week - Fred Imbert, CNBC
How Apple, Nike & Others Avoided $620 Billion in Taxes - MarketWatch
Is the TPP a Raw Deal for U.S. Workers? - Jeff Spross, The Week
Why Obama Must Stand Up for Free Trade - Investor's Business Daily
Top 3 Reasons You May Have to Retire Before You're Ready - TFT
Can Trump Help Main St. Win One Over Wall St.? - Rick Newman, Yahoo
How Two Guys Lost God and Found $40 Million - Zeke Faux, Bloomberg
Monday, October 5
Buffett and Grantham Warned Us About This Moment - Sam Ro, BI
Overseas Investors Fire Warning At China Inc - Peter Thal Larsen, Reuters
Greece Without Illusions - Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate
Money Wave Hitting Emerging Markets - Free Exchange, The Economist
Caution: More Commodity Price Weakness Ahead - A. Gary Shilling, BV
Deja Vu? Homes As ATMs ... It's Starting Again - Diana Olick, CNBC
Not All of Wall Street Hates Bernie Sanders - Gasparino & Crawford, FBN
Gun Stock Investors Continuing to Crush It - Heather Long, CNNMoney
Millennials Prefer Debit Cards to Credit Cards. They're Wrong. - Money
Can a High-Dividend Stock Outclass An Annuity? - Bill Deshurko, MW
Supersize Your 401(k) With This One Strategy - John Wasik, Forbes
Friday, October 2
Why the Jobs Picture Is Even Worse Than You Think - Jeff Cox, CNBC
Why the Jobs # Isn't Nearly as Bad as You Think - Tim Mullaney, MW
Jobs Report Throws Sand in the Fed's Gears - Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times
Why a Rate Hike Won't Awaken the Bear - Dan Weil, Institutional Investor
Economy Is Stronger Than Weak Job #s Suggest - Rick Newman, Yahoo
The Stock Market Hasn't Made This Much Sense in 4 Years - Sam Ro, BI
Are There Dead Unicorns on the Horizon? - Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN
Asian Economies Are Running Out of Puff - The Economist
Why Apple Shares Will Hit $200 in 12 Months - Tobias Burns, TheStreet
It's Been a Terrible Week for the Credit Market - Tracy Alloway, Bloomberg
The Crippling Rise of Housing Prices - Jeff Spross, The Week
Home Healthcare: The Defining Industry of Our Age - Justin Fox, BV
A European Bailout That Worked? - Joseph Sternberg, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, October 1
Get Ready For a 'Destruction of Wealth' - Philip van Doorn, MarketWatch
Middle East Meltdown & Global Risk - Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate
Want to Know the Real Reason Putin Is In Syria? - Burdin Hickok, CNBC
The Peak Oil Story We Have Been Told Is Wrong - Gail Tverberg, Oil Price
Economics 101 Strikes Again At Wal-Mart - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Will China Lead the World Into Recession? - Taylor Tepper, Money
A Global Recession? (It's Possible) - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Has The Biotech Stock Bubble Finally Popped? - Jesse Colombo, Forbes
How to Make Smart Decisions In a Volatile Market - James Peltz, LA Times
7 Bad Money Habits Are Keeping You From Getting Rich - CNNMoney
Pot: All of These CEOs Have Admitted to Smoking Marijuana - Fortune
Get Ahead: 7 Ways To Blow Your Boss's Mind - Travis Bradberry, Forbes
Wednesday, September 30
The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions - Dan Alexander, Forbes
Are You Ready For The Next Bear Market? - Josh Brown, Fortune
It's Turning Out to Be a Truly Terrible Year - Wes Goodman, Bloomberg
Forget Glencore: This Is Real 'Systemic Risk' - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Prepare For Stimulus-Driven Bubbles To Pop - Thomas Kee, MarketWatch
Four Reasons Why The Stock Market Won't Crash - Michael Farr, CNBC
The Chinese Economy and Fed Policy - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
Jim Chanos: China's Emperor Down To His Underwear - Contra Corner
Elizabeth Warren Reveals Wall St's Secret Influencing Efforts - Quartz
Sure, Debate Carried-Interest Taxes. - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
10 Things to Know About Money Before You're 30 - Susie Poppick, Money
Eight Germ-Laden Office Items Grosser Than The Toilet - Catey Hill, MW
Tuesday, September 29
The Sleazy, Illegal Future of Retirement? - Jeff Guo, Washington Post
Why Today's Market Looks a Lot like 2000, 2007 - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
The Unsustainable Earnings Mirage: Carl Icahn - Sam Ro, Business Insider
The Chinese Economy and The Fed - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
Fed's Rate Hike: Hurry Up...and Wait! - Christopher Probyn, Inst. Investor
Bank of America Sees Junk-Bond Train Wreck - Sri Natarajan, Bloomberg
Guess Who's Buying Troubled Home Mortgages? - Matt Goldstein, CNBC
A New Sign That We're in a Market Bubble - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
Is Your Financial Adviser Working for You? - Batchelder & Bernstein, NYT
Can Goldman Dominate the Smart Beta ETF Biz? - Neena Mishra, Zacks
Beware The Myth of 'Simplifying the Tax Code' - Paul Waldman, The Week
The Dog-Walking Economy - Joshua Stephens, The Atlantic
Three Important Finance Books for This Fall - Editors, Fortune

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