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Thursday, October 27
Charts That Scare Wall Street - VerHage, Kim, Verma & Kawa, Bloomberg
This Global Stock Market Slump Isn't Going Away - Matthew Rozsa, Salon
The Secret Success of Abenomics - Koichi Hamada, Project Syndicate
China Gets Desperate About Debt - Christopher Balding, Bloomberg View
Millions In the 'Gig Economy' Are Struggling - Patrick Gillespie, CNNMoney
Who Wins & Loses in the Gig Economy - Diane Mulcahy, Harvard Business
Here's Why Apple Still Looks Like a Cheap Stock - Bryan Rich, Forbes
Elon Musk: Greatest Car Salesman Who Ever Lived - Matthew DeBord, BI
When Someone 'Old' Is Forced to Retire - Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch
Warren Buffett's Simple Rule: The Bad News First - Mitch Tuchman, MW
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Wednesday, October 26
What Could Go Wrong in America? - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
Tackling America's Crumbling Infrastructure - Victoria Craig, Fox Business
Housing Bubble Fears Have Returned Again - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
Why This Dollar Surge Is Different for the Fed - Mohamed El-Erian, BV
A Chart to Help You Find the Market Direction - Adam Koos, MarketWatch
5 Apps That Automate Your Money and Make You Richer - Kari Paul, MW
Time to Stop Calling Apple a Hardware Company - Don Reisinger, Fortune
Next 10 Years Will Be Ugly for Your 401(k) - Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg
Self-Made Millionaire: Don't Put Money In Your 401(k) - K. Elkins, CNBC
Is Clinton Moving to Social Security Privatization? - Erik Sherman, Forbes
Tuesday, October 25
Higher Taxes? Rich Getting Ready for Clinton - Ben Steverman, Bloomberg
Corporate America's Bogus Election Excuse - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
American Job Recovery Is a Global Laggard - Narayana Kocherlakota, BV
The Blind Alley of Monetary Populism - Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate
A $41 Trillion Gambit That'll Transform U.S. Cities - Aneri Pattani, CNBC
Why America Is Opting Out of Obamacare - Beth Braverman, Fiscal Times
Here Is How To Become A 401k Millionaire - Rob Berger, Forbes
Biggest Surprises I Found in Retirement - Glenn Ruffenach, MarketWatch
I'm Not Convinced by the AT&T-Time Warner Deal - Alan Murray, Fortune
Felder: Odds of Market Crash 'High As It's Ever Been' - Business Insider
Monday, October 24
5 Biggest Global Economic Challenges - Anthony Fensom, National Interest
The World Economy Without China - Stephen Roach, Project Syndicate
What Exactly Is China's Plenum & Why Does It Matter? - The Economist
Why Obama Won't Listen to Reason on Obamacare - Ramesh Ponnuru, BV
This Election's Economic Choice Is Clear to Me - Mark Thoma, Fiscal Times
One Thing Our Next President Needs To Know - Joseph Stiglitz, Vanity Fair
Time To Move Past Election, Focus On Stock Market - John Tobey, Forbes
October Still Has a Chance to Look Like October - Shawn Langlois, MW
AT&T's Evolution Into a Technology Powerhouse - Tim Bajarin, Fortune
Why Wall St Doesn't Like AT&T/Time Warner Deal - Paul La Monica, CNN
When You Should Claim Social Security Early - Sharon Epperson, CNBC
Friday, October 21
The Fed Risks Repeating a Lehman Blunder - A Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Interview w/Investor Extraordinaire Steve Cohen - Jen Wieczner, Fortune
Why Retirement Taxes Are a Now Thing - Maryalene LaPonsie, U.S. News
The Market Is Caught Deep Inside 'No Man's Land' - Mark DeCambre, MW
Pre-Scandal, Wells Was Regularly 'Most Admired' - Susan Antilla, TSC
Musk's Strategy for Taking on Uber and Lyft - Brian Fung, Washington Post
To Hate the 'Experts' Isn't to Love Trump - John Tamny, RealClearMarkets
Secret History of Prosperity Must Become Known - Nathan Lewis, Forbes
Why Corporate America's Debt Is a 'Major Risk' - Luke Kawa, Bloomberg
The Huge Corporate Tax Cut Hillary Doesn't Discuss - David Dayen, TNR
Neither Candidate Cares Much About Spending - Veronique de Rugy, NRO
The American People Have Simply Lost Trust - Paul Roderick Gregory, RCP
Thursday, October 20
Trump Vs. Clinton: Stock Markets Say Both Lost - Matt Krantz, USA Today
Investors Betting On Hike Will Be Disappointed Again - Chuck Jaffe, MW
Your House Is a Better Investment Than Bonds - Jeff Brown, U.S. News
Tech Didn't Implode This Year, But Just Wait... - Max Chafkin, Bloomberg
How the Valley Treats a Trump Backer - David Streitfeld & Mike Isaac, NYT
It's Not the Government's Job Save Financial Firms - Nicole Gelinas, MI
Time for House to Pass Reaganesque Tax Reforms - Rep. Kevin Brady, NR
Clinton & Trump Shouldn't Forget Good Money - Ralph Benko, The Pulse
To Win In Retirement, Go On Offensive - Paul Katzeff, Investor's Business
Skepticism Over China's 6.7 Percent Growth Rate - Terry Jones, Investor's
After Lean Years, Oil May Rise Stronger Than Ever - Nelson Schwartz,NYT
Wednesday, October 19
5 Books Trump & Clinton Should Read Now - Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Trump Trade Doctrine: Path to Growth - Ross & Navarro, RealClearPolicy
Trump's D.C. Hotel: Traditional, Elegant Architecture - Erik Boot, TAS
Trump Could Start a Television Network, Here's How - Alan Wolk, Slate
Mess With Central Bank Independence at Your Peril - Mark Gilbert, BBW
How Retirees on Fixed Income Can Stay Afloat - Robert Powell, USA Today
Divorce Destroying Retirement for Today's Elderly - Ben Steverman, BBW
Humans Will Bring You This Digital Shopping Season - Daniel Gross, S+B
Why Won't Anyone Buy Twitter? - Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post
O'Care Recipients Face a Rude Awakening In Two Weeks - Editorial, IBD
'O' Schools Valley CEOs on Why Govt Isn't Business - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
Tuesday, October 18
We Are Getting the Wrong Kind of Inflation - Rex Nutting, MarketWatch
Jobless & Uncounted (Eager) Workers May Slow a Rate Hike - Reuters
Sorry, Mr. Trump, But Fed Policy Actually Favors You - Tyler Cowen, BV
Home Renovation Boom Sending a Signal? - Beth Braverman, Fiscal Times
Resolving Europe's Banking Crisis in Italy - Reichlin & Vallée, Project Synd.
3 Risks for the Stock Market Ahead - Kira Brecht, U.S. News & World Report
Old Timers Aren't Bullish On Stocks... Are You? - Adam Sarhan, Forbes
'Dogs of the Dow' Strategy Is Crushing the Market - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
Apple Scales Back Titanic Plan to Take on Detroit - Webb/Gurman, Bberg
Risk-Averse Millennials Reshaping U.S. Economy - Don Lee, LA Times
One More Way Student Loans Cripple the Economy - Dan Kadlec, Money
Monday, October 17
Zombie Banks Are Stalking Europe - David McHugh, Associated Press
Will Italy Leave the EU? Just Follow the Money - Mark Whitehouse, BV
Stunning Audacity of Putin's Cash Demands - William Pomeranz, Reuters
Here Is How Donald Trump Happened - Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate
3 Unlikely Ways Donald Trump Could Win Election - Daryl Jones, Fortune
Raoul Pal: A Recession Is Coming, Hide in Gold - Barbara Kollmeyer, MW
Eight Companies About to Lose Gobs of Money - Matt Krantz, USA Today
Google And Amazon Are In a Race to $1,000 - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
The Tide Is Going Out On Stock Pickers - Rachael Levy, Business Insider
The Single Worst Retirement Investment Today - Brett Owens, Forbes
Where to Invest $10,000 Right Now (5 Experts Weigh In) - Bloomberg

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