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Tuesday, August 30
A Message to the Apple Community in Europe - Tim Cook, Apple
Arrogant EU Is Foolish To Go After Apple - Jake Novak, CNBC
Vindication: Apple Must Now Pay Its Taxes - Owen Jones, The Guardian
Why Ireland Doesn't Want $14.500,000,000 In Apple Taxes - Bloomberg
Get Ready for a 5%-10% Stock-Market Drop - Michael Brush, MarketWatch
UBS Thinks Risk of a Stock Market Crash Is Growing - Ben Moshinsky, BI
7 Healthy Dividend Stocks for Quality & Security - Aaron Levitt, Kiplinger
Here's How to Fight Secular Stagnation - Michael Spence, Project Syndicate
Worrisome Obamacare Prediction Coming True - Rick Newman, Tumblr
Millennials Have No Problem w/ Strangers Sleeping On the Couch - Fool
Why You Should Dress 25% Better Than Everyone In The Office - Forbes
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Monday, August 29
Whoa! (Brexit Actually Boosting UK Economy) - Nicole Gelinas, NY Post
Global Growth -- Still Made In China - Stephen Roach, Project Syndicate
Pork-Stuffed Stimulus Won't Save Japan - Milton Ezrati, National Interest
We're In a New Housing Bubble: Why It's Less Scary - Diana Olick, CNBC
Take a Look at How (Badly) We're Managing Student Debt - Bloomberg
One Chart Shows What Investors Are Dreaming About - Mark Gilbert, BV
5 Things Markets Are Telling Us Post-Jackson Hole - Mohamed El-Erian
Jackson Hole Changed the Stock Market Game - Jim Collins, TheStreet
5 Stocks To Dump From Your Retirement Portfolio - Brett Owens, Forbes
3 Ways Hillary Clinton May Impact the Stock Market - Sean Williams, Fool
Friday, August 26
How Long Can Retirees Expect To Live Once They Hit 65? - Forbes
'Rich Dad': You're Crazy If You're Investing for Long Term - MarketWatch
Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Of "Fatal Consequences" For Savers - ZH
The Scarecrow of National Debt - Robert Skidelsky, Project Syndicate
The Big Economic Risk That No One's Talking About - Angelo Young, Salon
Debunking Myths: Elections & Stock Market - Russ Wiles, Arizona Republic
Investors Buying Emerging-Market Assets .. Nuts? - Jason Karaian, Quartz
Remember the Dow's 1,000 Point Plunge? - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
Yes or No ... Is There a Bond Market Bubble? - Ron Rimkus, CFA Institute
Six Key Charts That Tell The Market Story - Bryan Rich, Forbes
This 350-Foot Megayacht Comes With a Private 'Beach' Onboard - BI
Thursday, August 25
What California & Texas Have in Common - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
R.I.P. Mall Rats ... Brick-and-Mortar Is Dying - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
7 Things To Remember When Inflation Returns - John Mauldin, Forbes
The Fed Needs to Quit Stalling and Hike Rates Now - Michael Farr, CNBC
Iconoclasts Needed to Topple Central Bank Targets - S. Pattanaik, Reuters
This Is Why Markets Obsess Over Bond Yields - The Economist
5 Things That Could Derail Stock Market's Rally - Adam Shell, USA Today
Corporate Profits Head for Big Bounce - Anthony Mirhaydari, Fiscal Times
How You Can Sabotage Performance By Switching to Index Funds - MW
23 Ways to Tell If You're a Pundit or Professional - Charlie Bilello, Tumblr
How Facebook's AI Could Change Your Life - Matt McFarland, CNNMoney
Wednesday, August 24
This Will Turn Out Very Badly for Very Many People - James Grant
The Easy Money Global Contagion - Carmen Reinhart, Project Syndicate
Hidden Economic Risk in Corporate Balance Sheets - Bernard Condon, AP
A Fed Rate Hike Right Now Would Be a Disaster - Ron Insana, CNBC
The Fed & Fiscal Policy During the Obama Years - James Capretta, RCM
All the US Economy's Problems Come Back to One Thing - Bob Bryan, BI
Why Portugal May Be Europe's Next Economic Disaster - Sara Sjolin, MW
Is This Long-Term Signal A Warning For Stocks? - Chris Ciovacco, Tumblr
Technical Indicators Portend Danger for S&P 500 - Sid Verma, Bloomberg
The Fundamental Reason Why Buffett Beats Market - Noah Smith, BV
Is All Your Retirement Savings In Stocks? - Walter Updegrave, CNNMoney
After 5 Years As Apple CEO, Tim Cook Scores C- - Jay Somaney, Forbes
Bernstein Strategist: Passive Investing "Worse than Marxism" - CNBC
Tuesday, August 23
Health Care Is a Business, Not a Right - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Why Did Mylan Hike EpiPen Prices 400%? Because They Could - Forbes
Why Houses In America Are Getting Smaller - Diana Olick, Realty Check
McMansions Ugly in a New Way: They're a Bad Investment - Bloomberg
High-End Housing Risk? Money Laundering - Josh Steiner, Investopedia
Reducing U.S. Inequality and Poverty - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
This Is the Car the 1% Will Drive In the Future - Graham Kozak, MW
These Charts Are Flashing Recession - John Schoen, CNBC
What Investors Can Learn from Uber's Bumpy Ride in China - Reuters
This Country Became Economic Nightmare in 5 Years - Charles Riley, CNN
Monday, August 22
Game Over: Stock Market Delivers a Big Fat No to Obamacare - Forbes
This Is the Best Time In History to Invest In Real Estate - Jeff Reeves, MW
Why Surging Stocks Aren't Making Joe & Jane Happy - The Guardian
Crash Coming Even If Fed Doesn't Raise Rates? - Chris Vermeulen, Street
Why It's Too Late for the Fed to Raise Rates - David Nelson, WordPress
The Biggest Bond Traders Undeterred by Negative Yields - Bloomberg
The Politics of Negative Interest Rates - Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate
The Oil Market Is Stuck in a 'Groundhog Day' Trap - Andy Lipow, CNBC
Will Uber's Self-Driving Car Push Kill Jobs? - Matt McFarland, CNNMoney
Germany's Minimum Wage Has Cost 60,000 Jobs - Tim Worstall, Forbes
Zika May Make Puerto Rico Debt Look Like Chump Change - FiscalTimes

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