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Friday, November 21
Bank Lending Supports a Growing U.S. Economy - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
Hiring Good Managers Is Hard? Ha, Try Keeping Them - John West, RAFF
We Think Stocks Are Still Headed Higher - David Kotok, Cumberland Adv.
Majority Say Healthcare Is Not a Gov't Function - Frank Newport, Gallup
Thursday, November 20
Market Breadth Is Saying Something About Risk - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco
How Greater Ethnic Diversity Reduces the Risk of Frothy Markets - MIT
Architecture Billings Postive, Dipped In October - Anika Khan, Wells Fargo
The U.S. Can Afford Tax Cuts to Boost Growth - John Makin, American Ent
Wednesday, November 19
Bear Market "Cure" Is Worse Than the Disease - Eric Nelson, Servo Wealth
Gold Stocks Have Entered the Blood Bath Phase - Daniel Oliver, Myrmikan
Deflation Fears Are a Distraction - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust
Long-Term TIC Inflows Are Strong In September - Jay Bryson, Wells Fargo
Tuesday, November 18
A Rational Case For All the 'Bubble' Behavior - Joseph Calhoun, Alhambra
Stock Market Has Been Dodging Boomerangs - John Hussman, Hussman
We're Seeking Value from Dips - Wally Weitz, Weitz Investment Management
As the New Enrollment Period Begins, ACA Has a 37% Approval - Gallup
Monday, November 17
With Investing, Take the Less Traveled Path - Jeff Erber, Grey Owl Capital
The Rotation to U.S. May Have Run Its Course - Jim Joslin, TFC Financial
Searching For Subtle FOMC Word Changes - Richard Moody, Regions Bank
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group
Friday, November 14
How Investors Can Navigate the New Neutral - Richard Clarida, Pimco
Fed Is Tracking Improving Labor Market Conditions - John Silvia, Wells
How to Beat John Bogle's Equity Pessimism - Eric Nelson, Servo Wealth
Achieving Transparency In College Costs - Phillip Levine, Brookings Inst.
Thursday, November 13
Business in America: A Guide to Business, Taxes and the Economy - TTF
Defensive Leadership: A Showstopper for Bull Market? - Chris Ciovacco
What Do Election Results Mean for Bonds? - John Mousseau, Cumberland
Our Investment Beliefs - Brightman, Treussard & Masturzo, Research Affiliates
Wednesday, November 12
The Market Impact of Congress's Use of Uber - Hamilton Place Strategies
After Nov. 4, Change Is In the Air - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust
11 Ways '14 Elections Will Impact Your Wallet - John Kiernan, WalletHub
NFIB Small Business Optimism Perks Up - Mark Vitner, Wells Fargo Econ.
Tuesday, November 11
As An Investor, I'll Take Gridlock Over Bipartisanship - Joseph Calhoun
Stocks Are Overbought In a '1929' Sort of Way - John Hussman, Hussman
The U.S. Remains the Least Worst Investment Alternative - David Kotok
Legal Cannabis Sector Gets a Midterm Boost - Viridian Capital Research

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