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Tuesday, June 30
This Stock Market Waits For No One - Joseph Calhoun, Alhambra Partners
Beyond Historically Normal Valuations - John Hussman, Hussman Funds
We're Bullish Domestically & Internationally - David Kotok, Cumberland
Investors Prefer a Mix of Human & Digital Advice - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup
Monday, June 29
We're Expecting 5.3% Unemployment Rate - Richard Moody, Regions Bank
Investors More Anxious Than Hopeful About Rates - Lydia Saad, Gallup
Pension Strategy In a Low-Return World - Jared Gross, Pimco Asset Mgmt.
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group
Friday, June 26
Lies, Damn Lies, & Equity Skew - Jason Goldberg, Pimco Asset Management
Street Homelessness In the U.S.: Disappearing Act? - Kevin Corinth, AEI
Could Triple Crown Triumph Offer Faith Fed Will Hike? - Nannette Sabo
Household Balance Sheets Are Largely Repaired - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
Thursday, June 25
Taylor Swift, Apple, and Regulation of Tech Titans - Bret Swanson, TPDaily
Whole Life vs. Term Life: A Contoversial Study - David Lewis, Monegenix
Why Bitcoin Will Not Last - Kevin Dowd & Martin Hutchinson, Cato Journal
Who Leads/Lags In Terms of Global Wellbeing? - Standish/Witters, Gallup
Wednesday, June 24
Higher Highs Speak To Bullish Conviction - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital
Stocks Are Still Cheap - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust Advisors
Durable Goods Points to Slow Turnaround - Tim Quinlan, Wells Fargo Econ
May New Home Sales Point To Further Improvement - Richard Moody, RB
Tuesday, June 23
Skeptical Sentiment In a Sideways Market: Bull or Bear? - Chris Ciovacco
May Home Sales: Improvement, But Uncertainty Ahead - Richard Moody
Long-Term Federal Fiscal Outlook Looks Bleak - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
Regulation Reform Is the Low Hanging Fruit - Brink Lindsey, Cato Institute
Monday, June 22
Greek Drama, Act II - Chris Brightman & Shane Shepherd, Research Affiliates
What More 'Decisive Evidence' Does the Fed Need? - Richard Moody, RB
The Fed Was Rather About What's Ahead - Bob Eisenbeis, Cumberland Adv
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group

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