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Friday, February 5
How Is the Bullish 1994 Stock Analogy Holding Up? - Chris Ciovacco, CC
Anemic Labor Productivity Growth Is the Big Issue - Richard Moody, RB
Pessimistic BoE Shakes, but Doesn't Break Sterling - Marc Chandler, BBH
The Fed & Sound Money - Richard Ebeling, National Center for Policy Analysis
Thursday, February 4
Overdone Emotions Will Create Buying Opportunity - Michael Cohn, AAM
'Stocks Beat Gold In the Long Run' Is Upsetting Me - Axel Merk, Merk Inv.
More Thoughts on Negative Interest Rates - Marc Chandler,Brown Brothers
Wednesday, February 3
North Dakota has the Highest Gallup Good Jobs Rate - Ben Ryan, Gallup
Japan Reminds Us We Are In an Extraordinary World - David Kotok, CA
The Fed Not Going Away - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust Advisors
Tuesday, February 2
Upward Move In Stocks May Be Selling Opportunity - Joseph Calhoun, AP
Central Bank Actions: Toothless Panic Signals - John Hussman, Hussman
U.S. Falls Out of the Top 10: Heritage's 2016 Index of Econ. Freedom -
The Why & What of BOJ's Negative Rates - Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers
Monday, February 1
The Risk of Shifting From ZIRP to NIRP - Richard Salsman, InterMarket
Bull Markets Don't Die of Old Age - Jim Joslin & Renee Kwok, TFC Financial
What Knowledge Means To a Disciplined Investor - Jeff Troutner, Equius
Thank You Very Much for Negative Rates, BOJ - Richard Moody, Regions
Friday, January 29
Peak Profits - Chris Brightman, Jonathan Treussard & Mark Clements, RAFLLC
How Laissez-Faire Made Sweden Rich - Johan Norberg, Nassau Institute
The Case of Goldman Sachs and 1MDB - Audrey Zhang, Seven Pillars Inst.
U.S. Fiscal Imbalance: This Time Is Different - Jeffrey Miron, Cato Institute
Thursday, January 28
Fed Kept Options Open, and Surprised No One - Richard Moody, Regions
Fed Is Waiting For More Information - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, FTA
Capital Markets and Job Creation In 21st Century - Jerry Davis, Brookings
Getting a Handle on Italy's Banks - Marc Chandler,Brown Brothers Harriman
Wednesday, January 27
The Oil Price Plunge Will Create Massive Opportunity - David Kotok, CA
Will Federal Reserve Bail Out the Bulls? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital
Americans Still Mostly Upbeat About Finances - Justin McCarthy, Gallup
Q4: Sluggish Growth, No Recession - Brian Wesbury & Bob Stein, First Trust
Tuesday, January 26
If It's a Bear Market, It's Likely Not Over Yet - Joseph Calhoun, Alhambra
Relief Rallies Truncated by Awful Losses - John Hussman, Hussman Funds
Greece Is Still In a Very Hot Spot - Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers Harriman

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