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Thursday, December 18
FOMC Patiently Lays the Groundwork - Sam Bullard, Wells Fargo Economics
Rate Hikes to Start In '15 - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust Advisors
Investor Optimism Remained Positive In November - Lydia Saad, Gallup
Oil Price Slump: An Early Holiday Gift? - Virginie Maisonneuve, Pimco Mgt.
Wednesday, December 17
Why I Just Don't Get Junk Bonds - Eric Nelson, Servo Wealth Management
The Price of Oil Looks Resonable - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust
U.S. Economy Flexes Muscles With Production Surge - Tim Quinlan, Wells
Housing Starts: Overstating Single Family Case? - Richard Moody, Regions
Tuesday, December 16
Fed Should Switch Considerable to Appreciable - John Hussman, Hussman
Busting the Investment Myth About Size - Vitali Kalesnik & Noah Beck, RAF
Apple v. Samsung's Road to Patent Sanity - Bret Swanson, ComputerWorld
Just Another Final Hour Budget Deal - John Silvia, Wells Fargo Economics
Monday, December 15
Investor Psycholgraph Swings Enthusiastic - Jim Joslin, TFC Financial Mgt.
Should 'For a Considerable Time' Stay, Go? - Richard Moody, Regions Bank
Is 'For a Considerable Time' Already Dead? - Bob Eisenbeis, Cumberland
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group
Friday, December 12
Thiel & Gates Can't Advance Nuclear Energy Alone - Josh Freed, Brookings
Stronger Than Expected Consumer Spending Report - Richard Moody, RB
The Economic Outlook As We Enter 2015 - Wells Fargo Economics Group
We Expect Forthcoming ECB Stimulus to Stimulate - Eve Tournier, Pimco
Thursday, December 11
Keynesians versus Supply-Siders In the Early 1980s - Bruce Bartlett, JAPH
The Sharing Economy: What It Means for Consumers, Regulators - MC
Go For Gold: Commodities and Inflation - Denis Chaves, Research Affiliates
The Yield Curve Will Continue to Flatten - John Silvia & Mark Vitner, Wells
Wednesday, December 10
Why Rates Are Headed Higher - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust
The Most Important Market Variable for 2015 - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco
NFIB Small Business Optimism Rises In November - Mark Vitner, Wells
Credit Card Stats Boost Growth Story - Odysseas Papadimitriou, WalletHub
Tuesday, December 9
Does the Fed Understand the Great of a Rising Dollar? - Joseph Calhoun
An Equity Valuation Peak That Resembles '07 - John Hussman, Hussman
The Central Bank and Regulatory Squeeze Begins - Michael Story, Pimco
Peter Pan, Oil & Portfolio Management - David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors
Monday, December 8
The Fed Has Achieved Two Out of Three Escapes - Tony Crescenzi, Pimco
Broad-Based Job Gains, But Still Far to Go - Richard Moody, Regions Bank
Small Business Optimism Highest Since '08 - McMurray & Newport, Gallup
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group

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