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Thursday, December 8
US Equities: Best House In Bad Neighborhood? - Mike O'Rourke, Hedgeye
Irrational Market Exuberance, Part Two? - Burt White, LPL Financial
Should I Invest Outside the U.S.? - Brad McMillan, Commonwealth Financial
The Lurking Devil In the Oil Fields - Joseph Trevisani, WorldWideMarkets
Wednesday, December 7
Investors Should Think in Decades, Not Days - Tim Keating, Keating Mgt.
International Implications of Italy's Referendum - Matteo Garavoglia, BI
Can Italy Be Saved From Italian Vote? - Bill Witherell, Cumberland Advisors
Caution on Dollar Meddling - Brian Wesbury & Bob Stein, First Trust Advisors
Tuesday, December 6
It's 'Fat Left Tail' That Strikes Out of Nowhere - John Hussman, Hussman
Money Matters, But Few Know Why - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners
The Gold Sell-Off: How Much Lower Can It Go? - Stefan Wieler, Hedgeye
A Contrarian Indicator Says Stocks Could Rise 25% - Chris Ciovacco, CC
Monday, December 5
Trump Doesn't Herald a 'New Paradigm' of Growth - Joachim Fels, Pimco
Some Cause for Concern in November Jobs Report - Richard Moody, RB
About Pensions, California Is Still Dreaming - David Kotok, Cumberland
The United States Payroll Disconnect - Joseph Trevisani,WorldWideMarkets
Friday, December 2
The Market's Rise: Will It Continue? - Brad McMillan, Commonwealth Fin.
The Historical Forces That Led to Trump's Presidency - Daniel Oliver, MC
The Economics of Zoning Regulation - Samuel Staley, Independent Review
November ISM: Heading Into '17 on Firmer Footing? - Richard Moody, RB
Thursday, December 1
More Populist Responses, More Mkt. Volatility - David Kotok, Cumberland
Fed Economic Projections: What Are They Good For? - Ben Bernanke, BI
October PCE: Consumers Are on Solid Footing - Richard Moody, Regions
Human Freedom Index, 2016 - Ian Vasquez & Tanja Porcnik, Cato Institute
Wednesday, November 30
Q3 GDP: Lots of Temporary Help for Headline - Richard Moody, Regions
What to Watch For In the Markets in 2017 - Burt White, LPL Research
Bernanke Suggests How to Use Dot Plots - Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers
Higher Rates Will Not Crush Housing - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, FTA
Tuesday, November 29
Market Re-Establishes Extreme Overvaluation - John Hussman, Hussman
A Brief History of Money, Part One - Jeffrey Snider, Alhambra Partners
Most Americans Want ACA Changes - Riley Brands & Frank Newport, Gallup
Will Higher Rates Negatively Affect Stocks? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Cap.
Monday, November 28
Putting the Interest Rate Moves in Perspective - Richard Moody, Regions
Privatizing U.S. Airports - Robert Poole & Chris Edwards, Cato Institute
Americans' Holiday Shopping Shaping Up as Average - Lydia Saad, Gallup

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