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Friday, May 22
LEI Suggests Q1 Weakness Is Mostly Transitory - Tim Quinlan, Wells Fargo
Forward Guidance Is Back at the Bank of England - Mike Amey, Pimco Mgt
What Are the Historical Bear-Market Triggers? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco
Pros & Cons of a Guaranteed National Income - Mike Tanner, Cato Institute
Thursday, May 21
The Economic Implications of the U.K. Election - Jay Bryson, Wells Fargo
International Large Cap: Value In Early Recovery Stages? - Brandes Inst.
Tax & Spending Reform for Fiscal Stability - American Enterprise Institute
MLPs: A Nice Combination of Growth, Tax-Free Income - David Kotok, CA
Wednesday, May 20
It's Not Easy Being a Value Investor - Eric Nelson, Servo Wealth Management
Taxes the Culprit Behind Slow Retail - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, FTA
U.S. Housing Starts Finally Start to Rebound - Mark Vitner, Wells Fargo
Accounting Context of the Fed v. SNB - Bob Eisenbeis, Cumberland Advisors
Tuesday, May 19
Investors Must Stand Up To the Corporate Usurpers - Joseph Calhoun, AP
Attitude of Investors Distinguishes Overvalued Markets - John Hussman
Is the 'Smart Money' Running For Cover? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Capital
Homebuilder Sentiment Moderates In May - Mark Vitner, Wells Fargo Econ.
Monday, May 18
Economy Trumps Foreign Affairs As Key 2016 Issue - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup
Bond Tantrum or a Schnitzel Tantrum? - David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors
The Curious Case of the Cautious Consumer - Richard Moody,Regions Bank
Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary - Wells Fargo Economics Group
Friday, May 15
When Fed Hikes, 'How' Will Be of Large Import - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
Important Questions About Our Opaque Fed - David Kotok, Cumberland
Gold, Gold-Mining Stocks, and U.S. GDP - Daniel Oliver, Myrmikan Capital
Understanding Investment Opportunities In China - , Pimco Asset Mgmt.
Thursday, May 14
Fed Funds Surprises and Financial Markets, Pt. 1 - John Silvia, Wells Fargo
A Soft Start For Q2 Retail Sales, Upward for Q1 - Richard Moody, Regions
'15's Most Diverse Cities In the United States - Richie Bernardo, WalletHub
Wednesday, May 13
The Fed Is Under Attack - Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein, First Trust Advisors
What's Next For the Dollar Price of Gold? - Axel Merk, Merk Investments
Small Business Optimism Rebounded In April - Mark Vitner, Wells Fargo
How Worried Should Crash Talk Have Us? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco Cap.
Tuesday, May 12
Death of Long Bonds Is 'Greatly Exaggerated' - Joseph Calhoun, Alhambra
Younger U.S. Workers Most Likely to Report Workplace Hiring - Gallup
How Do We Value U.S. Stocks Under These Conditions? - David Kotok,CA

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