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Why Apple Shares Will Hit $200 in 12 Months - Tobias Burns, TheStreet

Expect Apple stock to nearly double in value and hit $200-a-share a year from now, say analysts at Drexel Hamilton in New York. Pointing to "overblown" fears about the Chinese market for...

War of Amazon, Apple and Other Near-Monopolies - Megan McArdle, BB

Amazon has announced that it will stop selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV devices at the end of the month. Why? Because these devices don’t fully work with Amazon's streaming...

iPhone 6S Review: It Should've Been Stronger - Ewan Spence, Forbes

Apple’s latest smartphone is here. The iPhone 6S goes on sale today, the pre-orders will be fulfilled, and the rocket-ship of sales is likely to outpace sales of any...

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