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Dean Kalahar

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Dissecting the Economic Lunacy of Thomas Piketty Line by Line - Dean Kalahar

Since Keynes no longer has much credibility as a leftist prop, liberals are in a communal feeding frenzy over Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century." The book claims to...

Obamacare 'Insurance' Brings New Meaning to Oxymoron - Dean Kalahar

Insurance is a form of investment that serves an important part in maintaining efficiencies in the economy. Pooling risk and saving today for the unexpected of tomorrow shows personal...

A Question for Politicians and Class Warriors: What Is Rich? - Dean Kalahar

To all the politicians, talking heads and ivory tower intelligencia who wax poetic about income inequality, incessantly attack the wealthy, and believe you know what's best for others....

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