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Truth Has No Place in Attack of Inflation Hawks - Dean Baker, HuffPost

There is a growing push by inflation hawks to get the Federal Reserve Board to raise interest rates. They argue that inflationary pressures are picking up steam and if the Fed doesn't move...

The Threat That Could Scar the Economy for Decades - The Fiscal Times

Despite some signs of improvement, the U.S. economy remains far from healed. And the longer the slump persists, the nastier the lingering scar that will mar the economy for decades to come.

Prepare for an Oil Super Spike to $150 - Daniel Dicker

In 2005, Goldman Sachs oil analyst Arjun Murti wrote of an oil super spike, with prices reaching $200 a barrel. Murti was prophetic with that call, as oil topped $147 a barrel in 2008 and...

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