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Gold Bugs Are Among The Only Smiling Investors - Matt Egan, CNNMoney

Prices have jumped 6% this year to $1,127 an ounce. That makes gold the best performing commodity and one of the only major assets to post a sizable gain in 2016.

Reasons for the Fearful to Be Fearful of Gold - Matthew Winkler, BV

The stock market's dreadful January coincides with a chorus ofpredictions that the fall of gold has reached bottom from its lofty peak in 2011. Gold is the investment of the...

Gold Needs Grimmer News If It Wants to Shine - Swaha Pattanaik, Reuters

The precious metal isn’t behaving like a safe haven should. The dollar’s rise is weighing on its price, Asian demand is dented, investors don’t need inflation hedges, and...

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