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Louis Woodhill

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Greece's Deficits Aren't the Problem, A Lack of Economic Freedom Is - Louis Woodhill

Now that Alexis Tsipras' socialist bug has splattered against Angela Merkel's reality windshield, it is timely to look at what the U.S. and Greece have in common. No, it's not...

Greece's Exit From the Euro Would Be a Socialist Disaster - Louis Woodhill

Alexis Tsipras, the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece, is a socialist. Socialists believe in government, and are constantly seeking to expand it. In the recent elections, Tsipras...

A Solid Jobs Report Reminds Us That Incentives Matter - Louis Woodhill

It took an absurd length of time, but in January 2015, America finally finished recovering the 10.3 million FTE* jobs it lost to the recession. Keep the champagne corked, however. In the...

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