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Stock Market

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The Glamour That Restrained the November Rally - Shawn Langlois, MW

While individual investors enjoyed a huge postelection rally in November following a dismal October stretch, they still failed to keep up with the broader market. And it really wasn’t...

Why the Stock Market Is Stacked Against Trump - Shawn Tully, Fortune

For a few golden weeks in November, U.S. stock markets loved Donald Trump. As this magazine went to press in late November, equities were in the middle of a record-setting rally that...

65% Chance U.S. Stock Market Rises in 2017 - Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — There’s a 65.5% chance that the U.S. stock market will rise in 2017. If you’re like most investors, that’s welcome news. Given the advanced age of...

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